Curtain Applications

industrial curtains

Stock/Economy Curtains

Our 14 oz. PVC Laminated stock / economy curtains are manufactured with standard 2″ hems for quick ordering of curtains to walls or additional curtain panels. Linear and curved rack systems are also available.

  • A variety of standard sizes and colors to choose from
  • Speedy lead times and shipping
  • PVC Laminated fabric curtains available (Coated PVC upon availability)
  • Single-layer vinyl curtain walls and panels in stock
industrial curtains walls

Wash Bay Curtains

Wash bay curtains for cars, trucks or heavy equipment can be designed in many configurations. AmCraft curtains are made to work with the drainage pitches of your floor in order to effectively maintain a clean, safe work area.

  • Heavy floor sweeps to channel rinse water into drains and keep adjacent floor areas dry
  • Extended height and length for installation in large areas
  • A variety of edge options, colors and window materials
auto body curtain wall

Autobody Curtains

Autobody shop curtains are used to help contain vapors, overspray and particulates to a work area. AmCraft auto body shop curtains provide flexibility in maintaining a vehicle workspace at a reasonable cost. Our custom industrial curtains meet the current EPA NESHAP regulations for paint overspray containment.

  • Standard filter options available for automobile industry requirements
  • A variety of colors, material weights and track options
  • Easy to clean, fire retardant and mold resistant materials
  • Custom curtain enclosures to fit every workspace
autobody curtain wall

Autobody Prep Work Stations

A divider curtain system on roller track is an economical way to create an auto-body prep work station when needed.

  • Retractable track systems provide flexibility for use
  • Create enclosures for worker safety
  • Fire rated, chemical and mold resistant, and hazmat applicable

Softwall Clean Area Enclosures

AmCraft fabricates low level ‘clean area’ curtain enclosures to work with filtration systems to maintain a room free of particulates and vapors. Helps to control temperature and humidity for critical manufacturing processes within an industrial or warehouse area.

  • Valances, filler panels and other edge sealing options available
  • Custom engineered to existing structure for a tight fit
  • Softwall clean area enclosures help to accommodate negative and positive air flow systems.

Soft Wall Enclosures and Ceiling Valances

Create flexible room enclosures within an existing industrial or warehouse facility. We custom fit your vinyl curtain system to be an air tight area and provide flexibility for your work space options.

  • Retractable curtain wall systems
  • Clean areas enclosed with or without replaceable filter systems
  • Paint spray and paint drying work areas for your industry
  • Used for food preparation areas, cosmetic manufacturing and critical electronics / high–tech manufacturing

Safety Curtains

Safety curtains are fabricated using heavy duty web strap reinforced pvc vinyl and can include weldview panels for worker safety.

  • Retractable and movable curtain systems
  • Separate work areas for specific requirements
  • Create enclosures and movable partitions
  • Protection against dangerous welding and high temperature operations

Outdoor / Exterior Divider Curtain

AmCraft manufactures quality industrial curtains that can be exposed to outdoor applications which are typically subject to environmental and elemental factors, wind, temperature extremes and UV exposure.

  • Choice of material types & weight for optimum use and durability
  • Retractable and movable curtain systems
  • A variety of colors and logo printing available
  • Additional curtain options available specifically designed for outdoor /exterior curtain wall use

All Clear Curtains

AmCraft curtain walls are available in several clear or tinted materials.

  • Clear divider curtains provide complete visual transparency
  • For heavier duty applications, reinforced clear may be recommended
  • Tinted color curtains offer UV protection and reduce glare

Welding Area Enclosures

Our curtains used for welding in workspaces are fabricated from fire resistant materials in many sizes, material weight or color options.

  • Protect workers from sparks and flying debris
  • Portable framed screens to create movable work areas
  • Track mounted retractable bay systems available
  • Custom sizes are available in olive drab 20 mil canvas or opaque, transparent, and several translucent colors

High Temperature Curtains

AmCraft High Temperature Curtains are most often used for safety control from manufacturing processes and operations in high temperature ranges. Also protects against sparks.  Our fire resistant curtains are flame spec NFPA 701 / CPAI 84, meets or exceeds CSFM•NFPA ratings and are HAZMAT safe.

  • Curtain systems or panels are available up to 1500°F continuous temperature and resist short duration temperatures up to 2000°F
  • Curtains or panels with abrasion resistance and molten splash resistance available
  • Use with a roller track system or as frame & caster partitions
  • A variety of edge options to create enclosures
  • For close proximity welding, we offer coated fiberglass, silica, and slag shed materials

Strip Doors

AmCraft integrates strip curtain systems for thermal, acoustic, food grade, and standard vinyl industrial curtain applications.  Can be used in several different industries.

  • Smooth, ribbed and anti-static materials available
  • Select from clear, tinted or a combination of color strips
  • DIY systems offer a variety easy to install mounting brackets
  • Lightweight or heavy duty systems for every need
  • Easy-to-replace PVC vinyl strips from rolls, pre-cut to size.  Can include pre-punched holes.

Thermal Insulated Curtains and Panels

AmCraft manufactures a wide range of thermal insulated curtain and panel systems that can be configured to effectively maintain separate temperature zones.

  • Wide range of R-value materials available depending on industry application
  • Many options for effective curtain edge sealing
  • Quick set-up industrial enclosures scaled to your temperature needs
  • Floor-to-ceiling curtain systems, warehouse curtain walls and truck panels

Loading Dock Enclosures and Blankets

Specially designed to control temperature variance around a loading dock entrance, our curtain panels and dock blankets are movable, durable and easy to clean.

  • Track mounted systems for seasonal flexibility
  • Dock curtain walls offer vision panel and edge sealing options to keep out outdoor bugs, contaminants, dirt, and precipitation.
  • Also used to control unwanted air movement.

Acoustic / Noise Control Curtain Panels

AmCraft manufactures custom size acoustic sound control panels, blankets and curtain systems intended to reduce noise levels in the workplace up to 40 decibels. Our noise reduction curtains are available with acoustic material to properly attenuate sound depending on your industry needs.

  • Sound barrier membranes provide greater sound reduction levels
  • Sound-absorbing material helps to absorb sound wavelengths
  • Choose from a variety of PVC vinyl, PVC coated, or acoustically transparent fabrics.
  • Track and mobile frame systems available
  • Different panel options depending on your noise controlling needs

Temperature Control Partitions

Control temperature in rooms, warehouses, and trucks with movable, removable partition walls or curtain panels. Our insulated industrial curtains are available in several insulation thicknesses and various R-values for optimal containment of your climate zones.

  • Used in food/produce storage facilities, as well as several other industries.
  • Separate or contain temperature sensitive operations
  • Maintain equipment friendly temperature levels
  • Curtain track systems for flexible zoning in hot, cold, or mild climates.

Modular Enclosures

Modular enclosures can be utilized for welding curtains, sound attenuation curtains, thermal insulation curtains or as a safety curtain barrier.

  • Self-standing frames to configure modular curtain enclosures are available.
  • Custom-sized / configured curtain frames
  • Mobility includes stationary frames or freestanding frames on casters
  • Fire resistant PVC vinyl or coated fabric panels
  • Insulation and acoustic barrier options

Aircraft Hangar Partitions

Aircraft curtain partitions typically used in aircraft hangars are an economical method of separating painting or cleaning operations of airplanes, helicopters, and other aerospace vehicles.

  • Custom industrial divider curtains for oversized aircraft hangar applications
  • Sectional curtain configurations with retractable track systems
  • A variety of material weights, colors and logo printing available
  • Replacement panels, strip doors and panel extensions are easy to order and shipped for fast delivery

Doors for Curtain Systems

For many sizable curtain systems, doors installed at one or more points can substantially increase convenience, safety and efficiency.

  • Integrate any size overlap in curtain system
  • Strip doors, flap doors or bump doors available
  • Impact resistant doors to fit in existing structural frame

Blackout Curtains

Block out light penetration in laser light and testing labs. Our heavy weight nylon fabric curtains are NFPA-701 approved for flame resistance.

  • 98% of light is blocked out , 100% blockage achieved with ancillary products
  • Track systems or movable partition walls are available
  • Sealing options to fit any space and requirement and disallow light interference

FDA—NSF—USDA Compliant Curtains

AmCraft FDA / NSF / USDA Compliant curtain walls help meet the requirements of specific wash down and separation applications in food processing plants, pharmaceutical operations and cosmetic manufacturing. We help you determine the approved curtain material(s) for your application.

  • Anti-bacterial and mold resistant materials
  • Durable material is easy to clean and reduces routine wash cycles
  • Custom curtains offer oversized height and length options
  • A variety of edge sealing, overlapping, and other food grade compliance options are available.

HAZMAT Curtains

HAZMAT curtains are typically used in medical labs, hospitals and areas for containment that require safety, cleanliness and a protective environment.

  • HAZMAT response team work areas
  • Retractable curtains, movable partitions or complete enclosures
  • Variety of hazmat safe materials to choose from for your specific needs

Chemical Splash Curtains

Chemical splash curtains provide protection against chemicals that may otherwise harm staff, visitors or equipment. AmCraft manufactures curtains that are both heavy duty for superior chemical resistance and versatile for various work spaces.

Photography Backdrop Curtains

AmCraft can configure a large scale backdrop curtain area for various vehicular, machinery, or other oversized products for professional photography purposes. Curtains provide wall panels for the intended photoshoot area to create a flashproof and easy-to-clean backdrop.

  • Ceiling system for existing structures to create photography enclosures
  • Complete photo shoot curtains or wall panels made to custom sizes
  • Matte PVC vinyl material or photoshoot fabric available.