Retractable Acoustic Curtains with Single Barrier Technology

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Retractable Acoustic Curtains with Single Barrier Technology are the optimal solution to reduce, dampen or absorb sound. Mounted on a track system, these noise barrier curtains are easily retracted and can be configured to form a complete acoustic enclosure to effectively contain the sound within the enclosed space.


  • Up to 30 Feet in Height
  • Retractable
  • No Fiberglass
  • Fire Rated ASTM E-84 Class A or NFPA-701
  • Front Side Exterior Material Options
  • High Decibel Loss
  • Can Incorporate Small Window Panels and Door Cut Outs

Product Specifications:

Size: Height: up to 30ft
Front Side Exterior: PVC coated material (shown) *other material options available
Front Side Interior: 2” Sound Attenuation Material
Back Side: One layer of sound blocking material, reinforced
Mounting Options: Track mounted
Weight: 1.75 lbs. per square foot

What is on the inside?

Single Barrier Inside Material

Bottom edge finished with Floor Sweep

Retractable Curtain With Floor Sweep

Bottom edge finished without Floor Sweep

Retractable Curtain Without Floor Sweep

Front Side Exterior Material Options:

For the side of the curtain facing the sound or noise.

Material: Solid PVC Polyester Mesh PVC Coated Cloth Fabric
Recommended Use: Industrial Commercial Spaces, Some Industrial Theaters, Music/Dance Studios
Cleaning Instructions: Durable and easy to wash down Vacuum, then wipe with moist rag Can be vacuumed
Absorption: Some Moderate Maximum
Color Options: Yellow, Orange, Rich Red, Forest Green,
Royal Blue, Navy, White, Gray, Camel and Black
White, Royal Blue Green, Blue, Gray, Red, Beige and Black
STC (Sound Transmission Coefficient) Measurement of Sound Reduction
HERTZ 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 Average STC
  14 18 28 42 50 46 34.5
NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) Octave Band Sound Absorbtion Scale 0-1
HERTZ 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 Average NRC
Scale 0-1 .31 0.55 0.68 0.8 0.92 0.76 0.82
*The net Results can be impacted by the types of interior surfaces and configuration of the space.

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