Paint Booth Curtains

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Spray paint booth curtains are an economical means of completing a spray paint enclosure or prep area. Most industrial curtain wall systems are mounted on tracks and have various side and bottom hems to facilitate edge sealing. Some of the functions of our curtains within your paint area are (but not limited to):

  • Contain Paint Overspray
  • Dust/Particle-free environment
  • Contain paint fumes and odors
  • Separation of Body & Paint Bays
  • Grinding / Sanding Booth Areas
industrial spray paint booth curtains

Auto body painting is the most common use of portable paint booth curtains, but they are also commonly used to contain powder coating operations. Any operation that involves applying liquid, powder, or airborne particulates can benefit from the use of an industrial spray booth curtain. Additionally, sandblasting applications utilize curtain walls for dust control. Within the auto paint shop industry, some of the uses also include:  paint prep stations, wash bay stalls, metal and fabrication areas, airborne particle containment, and other applications related to spray paint booth shops.

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Materials Used in Spray Booth Curtains

Industrial Spray Booth Curtains

The standard industrial curtain material used for spray paint booth walls are flame rated, laminated, or coated PVC vinyl. Most end users opt for some of the curtain to be clear (vision panels) for safety and supervision of shop activity. The clear material we use is also flame rated, as well. Paint booth walls will contain any airborne particulate or liquid overspray as long as they are sized and mounted properly. For containment purposes, curtains can be as effective as permanent construction at a fraction of the cost. Unlike permanent construction, curtains can create flexible or multi-purpose space.

Prep, Primer, and Paint

Enclosing vehicle paint areas is necessary to protect technicians and customers from potentially hazardous situations.  Portable spray booth curtains can be utilized for several facets of a vehicle paint job.  Prep stations, primer bays, or paint booths themselves can be isolated, giving your auto paint shop the space definition needed.  AmCraft Paint Booth Enclosures can help your paint processes meet NFPA 33 and NESHAP compliance, utilizing several options to create the ultimate paint booth that will save you both time and money.


You can choose from a wide variety of different options, such as:

– Filter Panels (NESHAP-approved media is used)

Floor Sweeps (seals the bottom of your portable paint booth curtain to the floor for a more airtight paint booth enclosure area)

– Vision Panels (tinted transparent welding vinyl available in colors to choose from)

– Custom-Printed Logos (To customize your auto paint enclosures)

– Retractable /Stationary Options (Open up your painting area by pulling to the side, or have fixed paint booth curtain walls)

– Translucent vinyl material used for the enclosure ceiling

– Floor-to-Ceiling mounting utilizing existing lights

– Suspended / Freestanding Models that may include standard or specialty paint booth light fixtures

– Installation takes days instead of months for “construction”

– Long-lasting, portable spray booth curtain walls in comparison to complete construction build-outs

– Portable Spray Booth options are available

…. and more!

There are a variety of ways in which AmCraft can help your vehicle repair shop to meet requirements for a paint booth curtain enclosure.  Our freestanding models create an enclosed spray painting booth area where there isn’t an interior structural element to attach to, in order to work with your current car / truck paint shop layout.

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Our technical reps have the ability to assess your paint booth project details and create curtain walls and track system (or freestanding structure) that is best for your paint booth enclosure needs.  Contact us today to get started!  Our phone number is 847-439-4565.  If you need more information on track, suspension, and enclosure options for your paint booth enclosure room, please go to one of the pages below:

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