Curtain Track Systems

Different Types of Industrial Curtain Track Mounting Systems

There are 8 main types of industrial curtain track systems:

Plain-Connector-DrawingPlain Connector
used in conjunction with
other mounting systems
Threaded-Rod-Mount-Connector-DrawingThreaded Rod Mount Ceiling-Mount-Connector-DrawingCeiling Mount System Beam-Flange-Mount-Connector-DrawingBeam Flange Mount System
Wall-Mount-Flange-UP-Connector-DrawingWall Mount System
(flange up)
Wall-Mount-Flange-DOWN-Connector-DrawingWall Mount System
(flange down)
Chain-Beam-Mount-Connector-DrawingChain or Beam Mount System Floor-Mount-Connector-DrawingFloor Column Mount System

Warehouse Curtain Track System Layout

How many track sides / sections do you need for a warehouse curtain track system?


The layout of your industrial curtain track system allows the industrial curtains to be retracted along a designated path, based on the workspace areas that need coverage and division.  The previous layouts are most the common warehouse curtain track and rail layouts that we come across (if a custom track layout is required for your warehouse curtain system, please contact us directly with your requirements).

Please measure the width of each curtain track section:

For example: 3Curtain-Sides-Example Section A: 12’ wide
Section B: 20’ wide
Section C: 12’ wide

Options to mount and support the warehouse curtain track system to your existing structural elements:


Industrial Curtain Track System Components and Assembly

Track Dimensions

The dimensions of your warehouse curtain rail system are the widths of each run and corresponds with the layout of your track (Consider that Sides A through D are lettered according to a clockwise motion).  Simply measure each straight run of curtain.  The track layouts listed are the most common curtain rail track system layouts for any given industry so if you find that your project requires more customized layouts, please give us a call so that we may assist you in the process.  All of our sales representatives have the knowledge and the ability to work you through your needs and provide you with a high level of customer service and attention to your project!

Sprinkler Systems

In some cases, the designated industrial curtain area may have a sprinkler system that is within the vicinity of the industrial curtain wall system. It is usually required that the warehouse curtains are suspended a certain distance below the sprinklers or exactly between two sprinkler heads, allowing the system to function successfully in the event of a fire. In order to get further details on building ordinances and fire codes, please contact your local fire marshal authorities to see what fire codes you are required to follow. Sprinklers

Ceiling Slope

AmCraft Warehouse Curtain Rail Systems are used to accommodate various different mounting surfaces and environments.  Whether you already have an existing curtain and need a curtain track system, have a need for stationary mounting, or require guidance on various different mounting options, our experienced sales support team is standing by to assist you with the best possible solutions for your application. All materials have a five-year warranty and the track has a lifetime warranty.  Ask us how you can make your workspace look great and offer the flexibility you need.  We create design layouts and provide options for all your industry needs.

Give us a call today so that we can furnish you with competitive curtain installation quotes!

Where do I start?

Step 1

Please identify the exact area you wish to enclose with warehouse industrial curtains.

Step 2

Figure the required height of the vinyl curtains.  Should there be more than one height dimension – calculate the linear feet of each dimension separately, if possible.

Step 3

Figure the total linear feet required taking into account curved sections and please add approximately 5% for gathering or desired overlap.

Step 4

Review the available mounting systems, please keep in mind there should be a support member for every five feet of track, closer together if possible for industrial insulated curtains.

Step 5

Identify which industrial curtain track system will work best for your physical situation.

Should you encounter difficulty with any of these specifications, please call us at 847-439-4565.  We would be glad to assist you!

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