Threaded Rod Type Mounts

Curtain Track System Industrial Threaded Rod Mount Bracket
The threaded rod mount is an industrial curtain track system that accommodates the following surface requirements:

  • For use when there are no easily accessible structures near the track
  • Ideal for leveling out the slopes or pitches on the track run
  • Lower the track

Industrial Threaded Rod Curve
Curved Track with threaded rod support and attached connector on each end and on the center.

Note: Each Threaded Rod Connector needs a threaded rod 3/8”-16 with 2 or 3 nuts.

Industrial Threaded Rod Beam Clamp
Beam Flange
Edge Clamp
Options to mount the top end of the Threaded Rod onto the existing structure:

  • Threaded Rod Clamp
  • Ceiling Plates for Threaded Rod
  • Put the Threaded Rod through the Unistrut
  • Spring Steel Threaded Rod Hangers
  • Angle Brackets for Threaded Rods


We recommend support every 5’ either with an industrial curtain track connector or an industrial curtain track support (also called a split support).

Threaded Rod Connector

Threaded Rod Split Support
(used together with plain connectors)


If you are able to support / suspend the track at the same point sections connect, a threaded rod connector will work well, as it is designed to do both (to support and to connect).

If you are not able to support the curtain track at the same point that sections are connected, you should use threaded rod split supports, which will allow you to support at any point, except over a plain connector.


Additional track components and sections are required for a complete curtain wall track system package. Please find further details on the necessary components in the following link.

Click Here for Additional Track Components