Wall Type Mounting

Wall Mounting is a track system option that is used to attach to walls or any vertical surface.  It may be used with other mounting options.

Wall Mount – Flange Up

Wall Mount Flange Up for Industrial Curtains
For the wall mounted curtain track system – flange up, you have the option to either under mount or flush mount to your existing surface(s).  Selecting the desired industrial curtain wall mount option is important because it changes the height of the curtain wall.  The manner in which you mount the curtain wall is a necessary detail which will allow AmCraft to provide you with the correct length (see below).
Wall Mount Flange Up Mounting

Wall Mount – Flange Down

Wall-Mount-Flange-Down Wall-Mount-Flange-Down-Mounting-Drawing

The wall mounted curtain track system – flange down is used where the existing structure is a wall or vertical structure, but obstructions occur above the intended curtain track area that prohibit mounting the system to surface using the wall mount flange up track option.


Additional industrial wall type mount system components and sections are required for a complete track system package.  Please find further details on the necessary components in the following link

Click Here for Additional Track Components