Warehouse Curtains


Industrial Vinyl Dividers

A more subtle application for warehouse curtains is minimizing worker distraction. Typically, warehouse partition curtains are used to solve an issue within a larger space. The concept of a warehouse curtain is the same as a permanent wall dividing a more expansive work area. When a curtain-like partition is put in place, we sacrifice durability in return for gaining flexibility and very substantial cost savings.

Manufacturing or warehousing facilities use vinyl dividers to cover less than visually appealing aspects of an operation or to conceal sensitive operations or product presence.

Create An Enclosed Warehouse Space with Curtains


Create An Enclosed Workspace with Warehouse Partition Curtains

The design/installation of an enclosure includes numerous warehouse curtain walls that maximize the effectiveness of an industrial warehouse partition wall. Since dust, fumes, odors and light are the most common offenders, employing air tight edge sealing methods and materials to the perimeter of the warehouse divider curtains render extremely effective enclosure.

Our tech design representatives will spend the time needed understanding the specific interior construction of your space, so as to propose the best set of edge sealing options.

Whether retractable or stationary, vinyl warehouse dividers can alleviate problems with odor, light blocking, fume and dust control, or air flow / temperature zone management.

While the below listed perimeter sealing methods and materials is interesting, we suggest you make notes about and/or take the photos of the existing construction in your warehouse to illustrate where the vinyl curtain wall panels would be placed.

The most effective warehouse divider enclosures are built when we design and build to fit your space.

Airtight Edge Sealing Options for Curtain Systems


Curtain with Valance
Curtain without Valance
10” – 12” High Valance attaches to the side of the track. It blocks the airflow between the track and the top of the cutain (1/2”) and provides a visually appealing track assembly.

Filler Panel (Stationary)

Filler-panel-stationary-warehouse-curtains Filler Panels are mounted to be stationary and above the track. Most ceiling situations allow mounting of the top edge to the ceiling with the support of slotted angles, clamps and/or other hardware. Often the installers have to fit around the obstructions, such as conduit beams or water pipes.Our technical sales reps are well-versed regarding viable options relative to all types of obstructions. They are solution-focused.

Deck Foam Filler Sections

Curtain-Wall-Edge-Sealing-Foam-Fillers AmCraft provides foam filler sections to further maintain a tight, airproof barrier between a corrugated roof deck and the top edge of a filler panel.When used in conjunction with AmCraft’s bar joist filler panels, these custom foam filler strips seal the concave recesses in the interior /underside of a corrugated commercial building roof/deck. The deck filler eliminates leaks at the ceiling level, creating a tight or complete seal.

  • Cut from flame-rated urethane foam
  • Standard custom made cut-outs for a perfect fit
  • Section length and width made to your specifications
  • Standard size is 5ft long sections

Side Mount


Flat Batten Side Edge Mount

The side edges of the warehouse divider are folded 90° to meet the wall. The edges are then affixed to the wall with a flat batten type strip. *


Slotted Angle Side Edge Mount

Should you want a removable warehouse curtain arrangement, we suggest attaching 90° slotted angle to the wall and affixing the curtain to the perpendicular leg of the 90° angle with Velcro. *


Velcro Side Edge Mount

If you decide to attach the Velcro of your vinyl divider directly to an existing wall, we recommend the use of fasteners in a zig-zag pattern in addition to the adhesive on the Velcro. *


Magnet Seal Mount

For the ease of opening and closing your warehouse partition and as an attachment where Velcro cannot be used, a magnet seal can either attach curtain or a magnetized side surface for sealing.

*For problem walls or wall surfaces, a narrow strip of wood attached to the wall allows the use of adhesive and fasteners or staples.

Floor Mounts and Floor Sweeps

For Stationary Warehouse Curtain Walls
Removable Floorsweep to extend your warehouse partition curtains
Removable Floorsweep with anchored Floor D-rings and straps attached to the warehouse curtain.

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