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We are a creative thinking company, ready to help solve a problem or offer suggestions on how
to implement your ideas.

Our Company

AmCraft Manufacturing is a company located in Elk Grove Village, IL, near Chicago’s O’Hare airport. We manufacture a variety of products from prototype to mass production levels. We are a service company, offering a variety of heat sealing and radio frequency welding services for inflatable products that require an air/gas/fluid type seal. Our commercial sewing services provide fabrication of many types of heavy, sewn products.

We manufacture many products that require sewing and heat sealing in its function. We provide a single source convenience for these and other ancillary products. View our website to see the variety of production methods we offer, and product examples that our services provide.

Our Products

Our industrial curtain products are manufactured with PVC laminated fabric options (PVC coating optional/when available) and are ideal for separating facilities into different work spaces for different teams, keeping fumes, chemicals, and debris contained, or muffling and blocking out sound within a building.
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Our Clients

We supply high quality industrial curtain products to industries both large and small. Our advancements using the latest technology and equipment helps to ensure that measurements and form are consistent. It is just as easy to order another piece as the first one. And, when your project is completed, our location is convenient for shipping via planes, trains, trucks and all national/international courier services. We take pride in our work and give you confidence that what you receive is indeed the right fit for your needs.

Our People

We are a creative thinking company, ready to help solve a problem or offer suggestions on how to implement your ideas. No corporate levels here, just straight talk from experienced personnel to help you fabricate the products you need. Our hands-on management team knows to ask the right questions and explain your options.

Our in-house sales and production team work together on your specifications to ensure fast and accurate manufacturing of your project. Whether you need a standard item or a custom manufactured product, we talk it through to completion to make sure nothing gets missed.

Our Leadership


At the early age of 18, I purchased part of a business repairing shoes and leather goods. I taught myself how to sew and fix machines. As I adjusted to the changing markets, I also began repairing damaged luggage for airlines. Born out of my passion to “build stuff,” I’ve always had a dream to manufacture. I love the design and engineering process and striving to create something that fulfills a function.
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We would receive requests to repair PCA hoses and out of our “we can do this” mindset, I began manufacturing PCA Hoses, in parallel to operating the three retail shoe repair locations.

In 1989, I sold the retail operation to concentrate on manufacturing. We marketed ourselves based on our core competencies. We realized that we could manufacture more out vinyl products than PCA Hoses. Through our work creating backdrop curtains for indoor tennis facilities, we evolved to designing and manufacturing industrial curtain walls.

I love this business and our customers. We absolutely spend more time than our competitors with our customers, working through the functionality of the curtain and track system in correlation to their specific needs. We view this extra attention as essential from both a safety and effectiveness standpoint.

Outside of being “Mr. AmCraft,” I enjoy listening to music, photography and all things cars. But one of the biggest joys that I am happy to experience and the title that I wear most proudly, is being a Grandfather. I can just sit and watch my grandson without an inkling of the time as it passes by. It has taught me how to slow down and to find calm in the midst of a busy day.


I was born and raised in Europe, Switzerland. I was fortunate to spend most of my upbringing in the City of Zurich, while also spending time in an old farm house in the mountains in the North East of Switzerland. Being exposed to the best of both worlds triggered my passion for the mountains, animals, nature and physical activity.
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At the time, school was not a priority for me as I desired more hands-on, real world experiences. This led me to obtain an Apprenticeship/Degree in pattern construction, sewing and design. Since speaking different languages is viewed as a benefit in Europe, I took various language courses while I worked. During this time, I enjoyed my freedom to travel and explore. However, I quickly realized that if I didn’t want to be told what to do for the rest of my life, I would need to go back to school. Therefore, I obtained a degree in Economics and General Business in Zurich, Switzerland.

I have always worked, either part time or full-time, while raising my four children. I enjoy the interaction on different levels. In 2003, I found a perfect fit for my abilities at AmCraft Manufacturing. We’ve accomplished a slow, but steady growth over all these years. We welcome new challenges which allows us to be very diversified in our service offerings.

Currently, I play a Senior role overseeing the production of goods, design and provision of services. It give me great satisfaction to improve designs, workflow and relations.


I found my professional home at AmCraft Manufacturing in 2010. I started out as a part time office assistant, but my role rapidly grew into a full time position on the sales end of the business. Today, I fill the roles of both sales manager and office manager and enjoy every minute of it. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family, reading a good book, walking, and having a well-deserved glass of wine.
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