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Vertical Wall Corner Baffle

Ceiling - Wall Seam Corner Baffle

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Acoustic Corner Baffle

Have you ever been in a loud room or public place and stood in one of the corners? If so, you most likely relized that the noise level in the corners of a room is a lot more intense. This is true for any type of concave corner in a room. Placing a Corner Baffle into those concave corners will tremendously reduce the noise level.

There are most of the time two types of corners in a room, the vertical wall corners and the horizontal ceiling to the walls. AmCraft offers for both type of corners a baffle solution. The air gap behind the baffle serves as a sound trap. Especially for low frequency base type sounds. (Basetrap)

  • Excellent sound absorption
  • Industrial size available
  • Can be velcroed to the wall or attached with fasteners
  • No hard materials are used to optimize the sound absorption
  • Resists microbial growth
  • Three different absorption level fabrics available to choose from
  • No fiberglass used in this product. No itch or skin irritation
  • All used materials have the ASTM E-84 Class A Fire Rating and the NFPA 701
Spec Sheet Upon Request



The upright corner baffles come as a standard size 4′ tall, if your have the space to place a corner baffle from the floor to the ceiling we recommend to stack them on top of each other. Custom heights are available.

The edges of the corner baffles get either mounted with fasteners and or velcroed on to the walls. The fasteners are not provided by AmCraft since every wall is different. 

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