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Creating corners with two units for the noise to absorb in.

Acoustic Free Hanging Baffle

Can be hung right above or around the noise noise source(s). We can increase the thickness of these baffles which is a great benefit for industrial use.

  • Excellent sound absorption
  • Also available in 4″ thick ideal for industrial use
  • Stiffener in the top edge
  • Can be suspended from existing structure (if possible suspend close to the noise source)
  • Resists microbial growth
  • Three different absorption level fabric available to choose from
  • No fiberglass used in this product. No itch or skin irritation
  • All used materials have the ASTM E-84 Class A Fire Rating and the NFPA 701

Mounting to existing trusses or I-beams

Free Hanging Baffles perpendicular to the existing structure

If we know the distance between the trusses (center on center dimensions) we can make sure the baffles the suspension chain is hung straight above the baffles. 

Free Hanging Baffles parallel to the existing structure
Free Hanging Baffle Corner
Free Hanging Baffle Corner

Do not hesitate to be innovative with choosing were to hang the baffles, create corners for the noise to go into, suspend the baffles to the noise source. Try to picture the noise traveling through your facility and place the baffles in its way.

How many Free Hanging panels are needed?

With a low frequency and high decibel level the goal is to provide, as much as possible soft materials, for the sound to absorb in.

What is a low frequency? 250 to 500 Hz is considered low

What is a high decibel level? 110 decibel is considered a very high decibel level

Try to use your existing structure to hang the free hanging baffles. It is recommended to place them close t the noise source but also place them in such a way that the noise would have to go through but also place them in such a way that the noise would have to go through the baffles before it hits hard surfaces.

We recommend to put as many baffle up as your budget allows you to, measure the result and if you want to improve the overall noise even more you can always add more baffles in the future.

The objective is to prevent the sound to hit hard surfaces to give the sound soft materials to absorb in to.
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