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Acoustic Hybrid Baffle

This baffle absorbs on multiple sides and it can have multiple usage. This baffle can devide spaces and absorb your noise at the same time on both sides.

Hanging the baffle in a slight acourdion pattern helps to break up the noise energy and reflecs back into the room in multiple directions.

  • Absorbs the sound on both sides
  • Covers a lot of area for a lower cost
  • Comes in 57″ wide or 62″ wide panels with 4 horizontal chambers
  • Panels are verticly connectable if needed
  • Up to 25′ High
  • Resists microbial growth
  • Three different absorption level fabrics available to choose from
  • No fiberglass used in this product. No itch or skin irritation
  • All used materials have the ASTM E-84 Class A Fire Rating and the NFPA 701
Spec Sheet Upon Request



The Multi Absoption baffles can be: hung onto a track if you need them to retract or:

  • Hung onto a track it needed the baffles can be retracted ( accordion folded)
  • Hung through the top edge grommets with zip ties to a truss
  • Hunt onto a wall and used as a wall baffle to cover up the wall space

The Multi Absorption Baffles is one of our newer products, it got developed because customers needed flexability in hights and width. We also offer narrow strips to hang above the noise source between opstructions. 

Hybrid Baffles Illustration
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