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Acoustic Wall Baffle

Cover up hard wall surfaces with AmCraft’s Wall Baffles. The Wall Baffles come in different sizes, which allows you to create attractive patterns on the walls with different color and sizes.

These wall baffles are designed with out any hard surfaces to optimize the sound absorption level and shipping cost.

For Industrial use we recommend going to a 4″ thick absorption material especially for the lower frequencies.

  • Excellent sound absorption
  • 2″ and 4″ thick absorption material options are available
  • Also available with stiffeners for the top and/or bottom edges
  • Custom sizes are available
  • Resists microbial growth
  • Three different absorption level fabrics available to choose from
  • No fiberglass used in this product. No itch or skin irritation
  • All used materials have the ASTM E-84 Class A Fire Rating and the NFPA 701


Top edge gets mounted to the wall through the 1″ horizontal attached flap. The bottom edge has a 2″ horizontal velcro strip sewn onto the back side which attaches to a horizontal velcro strip on the wall. For easier installment, both the top and bottom flap can be ordered with a stiffener inside of the flaps.

How many wall baffles do you need in a given space?

The more hard surfaces you cover with the wall baffles as more acoustic energy can be absorb and improve the over noise level. One of the benefits of using wall baffles is you can start with one wall or less units and add more as needed the a la card approach. The system is easily added to and or moved. Soft cushioned side faces the noise source. 

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