BlackBlackAmCraft will not provide any mounting or suspension hardware needed above the track. If you would like assistance with this please give us a call.Curtains are constructed using standard 14oz PVC Laminated Polyester unless otherwise notedBeigeBlackGreyRoyal BlueNavyforest greenyellowRedSky BlueChampion BlueRoyal BlueOrangeAmCraft will not provide any mounting or suspension hardware needed above the track. If you would like assistance with this please give us a call.AmCraft will not provide any mounting or suspension hardware needed above the track. If you would like assistance with this please give us a call.WhiteKelly GreenForest GreenYellowOrangeRich RedCamelGalaxy GreyBlackCurtains are constructed using solid opaque color Premium 16oz PVC Coated Polyester Fire Rating ASTM E-84 Class AAt this time, the Create My Curtain tool can be used for Single Layer Curtains only. Acoustic and Insulated Curtain product requests can be submitted through our Request a Quote or Contact pageAt this time, the Create My Curtain tool can be used for Single Layer Curtains only. Acoustic and Insulated Curtain product requests can be submitted through our Request a Quote or Contact pageAmCraft will not provide any mounting or suspension hardware needed above the track. If you would like assistance with this please give us a call.By selecting a Track Mounting System,
you will receive all the track components
needed for the above chosen layout.
Including: Straight Track Sections, Connectors,
Adjustable End Stops and Nylon Trolleys.
If your layout includes a 90 degree Curve
we also include (2) Split Supports per curve.
WhiteWhiteBeigeRedYellowForest GreenNavy BlueRoyal BlueGreyLight GreyBeigeBeigeLight GreyGreyRoyal BlueNavy BlueForest GreenYellowRedLight GreyGreyRoyal BlueNavy BlueForest GreenYellowRedWhiteCurtains are constructed using standard 14oz PVC Laminated Polyester unless otherwise noted


The word baffle, at its most basic level, is defined as, “to retrain or regulate”. Used as a noun, its definition expands to, “a device used to restrain the flow of a fluid, gas, or loose material or to prevent the spreading of sound or light in a particular direction”. AmCraft Manufacturing understands these definitions and has used them to design a system of acoustic baffles for industrial environments.

With heavier duty outer layers, and performance focused inner layers, these baffles help facilities of all sizes mitigate and absorb sound and lower noise levels. With four different designs to choose from, it is also guaranteed that there is an acoustical baffle to suit all different sound situations.

The first two baffle options are ones that are designed to be supported by a facility’s ceiling. The “free hanging baffle” has a rectangular shape, with the width being wider than the height. Its mounting method has the top edge of the baffle supported from the ceiling, typically using chain suspension.  It hangs straight down and provides a wide, flat panel.  These baffles assist with absorbing sound that hits them head on.

The second baffle option in this category is the “ceiling baffle”. These units are still rectangular, but are longer rather than wider.  Both the right and left edges mount to the existing ceiling, and the center of the baffle is pulled down toward the ground by gravity. This mounting method creates a baffle that is bowed out in the center, away from the ceiling from which it is hung. While these units are also designed to absorb sound, they can catch sound from many different vantage points. Their bowed shape allows them to intercept sound from anywhere within their bell curve, not simply sound that hits them head on.

The final two baffle options mirror those of the two outlined above, but are designed to be supported by the facility’s walls. The “flat wall baffle” has a broad, rectangular shape and sits with its backside flat against an existing wall.  Its generous surface area will assist with dampening sound that hits it head on anywhere within its body. Meanwhile, the “convex wall baffle” has a shape that bumps out from the wall on which it is seated. This curved shape once again allows this unit to absorb sound from a wider range of areas. When mounted to a wall, this curved baffle can easily break up sound traveling from the ground, ceiling, or open area in front of it.

All baffle options fabricated by AmCraft have options for their front layer which allows for sound transmission through them, as well as durability and cleanability over time. This unique combination of two different mediums allows for the fabrication of a high performance acoustic product in a long-lasting shell. For more information, please contact our dedicated sales team here.

At AmCraft, we are so thoroughly committed to manufacturing high quality industrial curtain walls, that sometimes we take it for granted that other industrial curtains on the market don’t adhere to our same high standards. When we sat down and analyzed our construction process stitch by stitch, we thought we would allow ourselves this one opportunity to “humble brag” about the quality of our curtain products so that our customers can recognize the differences between an industrial curtain wall constructed by AmCraft Manufacturing versus what the competition offers.

Industrial Curtains Manufactured Onsite in US Based Facility

One key takeaway is that each and every industrial curtain wall that we sell is manufactured in-house at our facility based in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Why is this important and why should you care about where your curtain wall is produced?

Well, once you  speak with one of our Industrial Curtain Wall Specialists about your specific requirements and go through the ordering process, your Curtain Specialist works directly with our production team to ensure that your industrial curtain wall is constructed based on the specifications outlined. Any questions that may arise during production are addressed swiftly and directly, not through a barrage of phone calls and emails, where small details can get lost in translation and cause unnecessary delays.

Industrial Curtain Walls Made to Order

Manufacturing our own industrial curtain walls, instead of ordering from a third party and essentially serving as the middle man, gives us more control over the types of materials we use, the overall quality of construction and the customizations that we often implement to account for the unique needs of our customers and their facilities. The attention to detail to our craft and the personal service that accompanies it, are the key things that sets us apart and is what many of our customers have come to know and love.

No Compromising on Quality

Being this committed to producing high quality curtain walls that last does come with its own set of drawbacks. For one, our industrial curtains are not sold at rock-bottom discount prices. Although we do our best to remain competitive in our market, we realize that our curtain walls are not the cheapest in the industry due to our exacting quality measures. Our customers understand this as well and appreciate receiving durable industrial curtain walls that meet their needs.

Also, because we are not rushing to push sub-par curtain products out the door, customers may sometimes experience a lead time that is slightly longer than they are hoping for.  Although this does not happen often, when it does, you can count on the AmCraft team, from your Curtain Specialist to the Production Manager along with our onsite Logistics Coordinator, to work together diligently on a plan of action to get your curtain manufactured and delivered as quickly as we can without compromising on quality.

We put together this side-by-side comparison to make it easier to spot the differences in quality between an AmCraft Manufacturing industrial curtain wall versus that of the competition. Take a look!

Have you ever wondered how easy it is to install an industrial curtain wall system? Believe it or not, our industrial curtains are so easy to install that roughly 90% of our customer base opt to handle the installation themselves.

AmCraft Manufacturing sends out personalized installation instructions with every industrial curtain order that ships out. This additional level of service that we provide to our customers gives them the confidence to not only install the curtain wall themselves, but also the flexibility to schedule the installation at a time that’s most convenient for their facility.

Check out this cool time-lapse video that captures the installation of an AmCraft Industrial Curtain Wall system. Our customer desired to create separation in their loading dock and the end result was quite the transformation. See for yourself!

Earlier this year, AmCraft Manufacturing released their new industrial curtain wall catalog featuring a wide array of custom products including: Single Layer Curtains, Thermo-Block Insulated Curtains and Acoustic Curtain Walls and Baffles. The catalog also showcases the available track and hardware mounting systems, along with accessories that can be incorporated to truly customize your curtain wall installation.

One of the key benefits of the new product catalog is that it is digitally enhanced, which creates a very interactive experience. AmCraft wanted to provide a way for their customers and future customers alike to have the opportunity to view the various applications that their curtain products are used for, explore the features and benefits of each product and then have the ability to “create your curtain” with just a click of the button within the catalog itself.

AmCraft’s industrial curtain wall catalog can also be downloaded as a PDF should you need to print it. However, the digital nature of the catalog makes it perfect for sharing by simply sending the intended recipient a link to the catalog via email.

There are other cool elements incorporated into the AmCraft product catalog, including a time-lapse video of an actual curtain wall installation. However, the overall take away from customers viewing the new catalog is that the care and attention to detail placed into the construction of each industrial curtain wall is quite apparent. Crafting each and every industrial curtain wall in their own US-based manufacturing facility, gives AmCraft the quality control they require to ensure their customers’ overall satisfaction.

If you’re not at all familiar with AmCraft’s exacting standards for manufacturing high quality industrial curtain products, then within the pages of the new catalog you are invited to explore the differences between AmCraft’s quality versus their competitors.

Check out the new industrial curtain product catalog for yourself and see what all the fuss is about!

AmCraft Manufacturing is proud to construct high quality custom industrial curtain walls and ship them worldwide direct from our U.S. based manufacturing facility. As a thank you to our global customer base, we are a launching a three month social media campaign.

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Here is how it works:

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AmCraft Industrial Curtain Wall Layer Materials

When putting together an acoustic industrial curtain, there are a variety of options and choices to be made. The inside layers of the curtain are where a majority of the acoustic performance takes place. However, the outer layers of the curtain are equally important. This outer layer not only determines the look and feel of your curtain, but can also impact the overall function and performance of it.

The first option is our most common for industrial acoustic curtains. An outer layer of solid PVC coated polyester (a.k.a. vinyl) forms a solid barrier between the innards of the curtain and the outside environment. As this is a solid material, it will let slightly less sound through and into the inner layers than the following two material options.  This means, that less of the sound will be absorbed or reflected.  However, the difference in potential sound transmission that this material offers versus another material is negligible. What this outer layer may lack in sound transmission, it makes up for in other areas.  This vinyl layer has a variety of benefits.  For starters, it is very durable to abrasion, scratching, cooler temperatures, and everyday wear and tear. It is also easy to clean.  It can be washed down with water and a mild detergent. So while a solid PVC vinyl outer layer may keep some sound from traveling to the innards of the curtain, it will also keep dirt, dust, debris, and moisture from doing the same thing.  These features make this outer material an ideal choice for rough, dirty, and/or industrial environments.  Additionally, the PVC coated polyester is available in 10 standard colors, making it easy to match to each company’s desired color scheme.

PVC coated mesh is the second option for your acoustic curtain’s outer layer. This material is also durable when standing up to abrasion and cooler temperatures, as mentioned above with option one.  As with any mesh, it is more open than a solid material. This mesh boasts a 70% opacity, which means that approximately 30% of the surface area covered by the mesh is open. This will allow the sound to travel through this outer layer more effectively than a solid material would. A small boost in acoustic performance (absorbing and reflecting) of your industrial curtain can be expected due to this factor. To clean this material, we recommend vacuuming it, then wiping it down with a moist cloth. You will want to be careful not to let excessive moisture or debris come into contact with this curtain, though, as these elements can harm the inside layers and diminish its acoustic qualities.

The third and final option for the outer layer of your acoustic curtain is a cloth fabric. This material is solid in coverage, but soft, as most fabrics are.  It allows for sound to travel through it, but will stop most dust, dirt, and debris from passing through. In terms of assisting with sound absorption, this fabric is the best option for the outer layer of an industrial acoustic curtain.  However, it is not ideal for rougher environments. Dust and dirt may stick to it, it can be torn or snagged, and it can be stained. Additionally, if moisture comes into contact with it, that moisture can bleed through to the inner layers. We would recommend a curtain with this fabric in gentler environments. As with your other options, though, it can still be cleaned.  The best way to do this is to vacuum the fabric. Also, it is available in 6 standard colors.

When deciding which of the above outer material options is best for your needs, it is best to think about your environment and determine what will give you the necessary balance between durability and acoustic performance. With industrial curtains, as with all products, you have many good options at your disposal. For assistance is picking the right choice for you, contact our sales team today.

In many ways, business and the buildings they are in are just like the people who work for them- each is different. When a company chooses a new employee, they carefully evaluate which person will fit best with their company culture, their needs, and their overall goal. Likewise, when a building to house a company is chosen, that building has to be picked based on the best overall fit with the concerns of the business.

The same can be said of modifications and customizations done to a facility. Each company will need its location to function differently, and will set their building up so that it runs as efficiently as possible. One key component of this is space division, separating processes, creating designated spaces for lunch rooms, offices, etc. In many ways, an industrial curtain can play a vital role in this and is uniquely designed to make a large scale project seamless and easy to tackle.

When a large facility is in need of space division, the custom fabricated nature of industrial curtains makes them an ideal fit. A large building will likely have many factors to consider. The sheer size of the space to be covered is the first and most obvious consideration. An industrial divider curtain that needs to span a 25 foot height and a 100 foot width, for example, would cause many issues if it were made in one piece. This vinyl divider curtain would likely be expensive to ship, as well as heavy and cumbersome to install. The modular nature of industrial curtains make them ideal for covering larger spaces. The curtain can be divided vertically, and made in as many panels as necessary, and each panel can be joined to the next with Velcro, magnets, or snaps. This makes installing the curtain much easier and still gives the look of one large, cohesive curtain wall when the panels are hung and connected.

These industrial curtain wall systems can also be made in multiple panels horizontally. This typically comes into play when a facility has a pitched ceiling and also needs to block off the space all the way up. The lower panel, called the industrial curtain wall, will sit at the lowest elevation. The upper panel, called the filler panel, is made to fit the size, shape, and slope of the facility’s ceiling. Here again, the modular nature of industrial curtain walls makes them a great fit and allows for easy install on a large scale.

Another advantage of using an industrial curtain system for a large space is that the method of installation is always the same for the entire system. These systems are designed to be user friendly, and about 90% of our customers end up installing these themselves. AmCraft strives to make the installing process as seamless as possible, mainly by using one type of mounting system for the entirety of the industrial divider curtain. So even if your curtain wall is 150 linear feet in width, you will be using the same hardware and process repeatedly to hang the entire industrial curtain. This makes mounting the curtain system both simple and approachable for large scale projects.

For more information on how an industrial curtain wall can work for your facility, either large or small, please contact one of our sales reps today.

Wall Mount Fitting with Bracket Down





Regular End Fitting






Adjustable End Fitting






Mounting hardware for Track Systems

Choose from 5 different Mounting Systems:

Chain or Beam Type Mount





Works well when attached to a support member immediately above the top of the curtain.

Threaded Rod Type Mount






Works well when the attachment points are substantially higher than the top of the curtain.

Ceiling Type Mounting




Mounts directly to ceiling or any flat horizontal surface – must be directly above the curtain.

Wall Type Mounting





Mounts directly to any vertical surface.

Beam or Truss Mounting






Attaches directly to I Beams or roof trusses. The clamps are secured with set screws and rotate for proper orientation.

Where do I start?

Step 1
Please identify the exact area you wish to enclose with industrial Curtains.

Step 2
Figure the required height of the vinyl curtains. Should there be more than one height dimension – calculate the linear feet of each dimension separately, if possible.

Step 3
Figure the total linear feet required taking into account curved sections and please add approximately 10% for gathering or desired overlap.

Step 4
Review the available mounting systems, please keep in mind there should be a support member for every five feet of track, closer together if possible for insulated Curtains.

Step 5
Identify which mounting system will work best for your physical situation. Should you encounter difficulty with any of these specifications, please call us – we will be glad to help you.