Autobody shops use an overspray curtain enclosure for a clean and effective way to repaint automobiles and trucks that come
An Industrial Curtain Wall is used in many industries as a way to separate space within a larger facility. Many
AmCraft Industrial Curtains expands to a new location in Elk Grove Village, IL. The move was necessary in order to
An enclosure made with Industrial curtains are an economical and easy solution to separating large spaces. Many types of businesses
AmCraft Manufacturing fabricated a wash bay divider curtain solution for a large farm that housed expensive equipment inside their shop.
AmCraft devised a plastic industrial curtain wall channel that mounts to your wall to help control 'swaying' of the curtain
AmCraft Manufacturing has engineered a new retractable acoustic curtain option for insulated curtains used in the workplace. Our unique design
Photography backdrop curtains can be custom made to any size required to fill a large space, typically a warehouse. AmCraft

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