If you’ve ever worked in a kitchen, a warehouse, or factory, chances are you’ve seen PVC strip curtains in the
When you’re managing a large facility or warehouse, different projects can often benefit from being separated into their own designated
When you think of summer, you want to envision sunny skies and soaking up the warm air. Although we enjoy
Working when you’re surrounded by noisy projects can be not only distracting, but also dangerous, especially if the noise is
If you’re an auto body shop owner or manager, you know the unique challenges that come with trying to set
Let AmCraft show you how to create the perfect industrial curtain for your application in the workplace. First we’ll need
Weldview Welding Curtains are used in the workplace of many businesses today. Autobody shops, manufacturing facilities and industrial fabricators are
When faced with employees being too cold or too hot in the workplace, consider using insulated industrial curtains to divide

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