Case Studies

Industrial Curtains for Personal Use

Two different customers approached us with unique, yet similar needs pertaining to spaces they have designated for personal use. One customer works on hobbies in their garage and wanted the ability to control the temperature while working. The other customer had built a shop within their barn and wanted to leave it open for natural light, but wanted the flexibility to move large projects into and out of the shop without having to squeeze them through the main barn door. In addition, they also wanted to heat and cool the shop efficiently without heating and cooling the entire barn.

Energy Efficient Thermo-Block Insulated Industrial Curtains

Our customer came to us with a challenge that many manufacturing plants and warehouse facilities face – how to maintain a certain temperature in one area without experiencing a total loss of efficiency in the other parts of the warehouse or plant. The customer leased a warehouse space “as is” and had come to accept that use of the A/C unit would not be a viable option given the configuration of the leased space and the inability to make a permanent change.

Industrial Curtains for Auto Body Shops

Our client needed an industrial curtain wall product for his customer that offered a larger “clear” surface. Many of their customers are looking to create viewing areas within their auto body shops in order to involve the vehicle owner in the process. The goal of using industrial curtains as wall dividers was to create an experience that would enable their customers to view their vehicles being modified from within the shop area, while providing a safe working environment for the employees.

Separate Work Areas with Industrial Curtain Walls

A distributor in the Northeast region had a new client who needed a way to create separate areas within their autobody shop. The customer needed designated work spaces to keep newly sanded buses clean and free of dust prior to entering the paint spray booth, in addition to containing any overspray within the paint booth from spilling over to other areas outside of the booth.

Create a Dust-Free Workspace with an Industrial Curtain Wall Enclosure

Our customer faced a challenge that was rather unique for their particular company. They needed to create a dust free room inside of an internal booth within their plant. Therefore, they searched the internet for a viable product that would meet their needs.

Industrial Curtains are Flexible Enough to Work Around Obstructions

Our client was faced with a potentially challenging curtain installation due to numerous existing obstructions. They needed a custom industrial curtain solution that would accommodate these obstructions, yet remain aesthetically pleasing while still maintaining the required functionality.

An Industrial Curtain to Create Separation and Insulate a Barn

Our customer was contacted by a local organization that needed to separate an area of the big show barn. This area would be used for their educational sessions as well as the shooting sessions for their local Shooting Sports Club. They needed an industrial curtain solution that would help to insulate the area should the temperature become too cold in the barn.




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