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Industrial Curtain Case Study – Barn & Garage Curtains


Two different industrial curtain customers approached us with unique, yet similar needs pertaining to spaces they have designated for personal use. One customer works on hobbies in their garage and wanted the ability to control the temperature while working. The other customer had built a shop within their barn and wanted to leave it open for natural light, but wanted the flexibility to move large projects into and out of the shop without having to squeeze them through the main barn door. In addition, they also wanted to heat and cool the shop efficiently without heating and cooling the entire barn.


For the customer with the barn, their needs were truly unique to their personal preference. Living in a rural area where farmers have barns and shops to work on their equipment poses a major challenge for having a heated workspace because when the barn door is open, heat is quickly lost. In addition, it’s difficult to get equipment in and out of a small heated shop. In order to mitigate this issue, when the customer had the shop built, both the walls and the ceiling were insulated. Two windows and a main door were also installed. However, one entire wall was left open to the barn, which made heating and cooling the ultimate challenge.

Our Thermo-Block insulated industrial curtain provided the optimal resolution. It was custom fitted to the wall of the barn that was left open. Thermo-Block insulated garage curtains add much needed R-value and creates a more energy efficient work space. In this case, the addition of the retractable insulated industrial curtain served a dual purpose – it enables the customer to pull their large equipment in and out of the shop, then close it off and work within a heated or air-conditioned temperature controlled area. The customer found that it is much easier to heat or cool a 28 foot by 18 foot shop, than it would be to heat or cool an entire barn.

At AmCraft, we receive a number of inquiries from private citizens who contact us for curtains needed for personal use. Often they are looking to divide a work space in their garage because they want to heat half of it so they can work on projects during the winter. Other customers may have a workspace in their basement and their spouse hates how it looks. In which case, they want to divide it off so the workspace is visually blocked and physically separated in some way from the rest of the space.

From a cost perspective, a private citizen is probably not going to construct a permanent wall to create the separation they need in their basement or garage. Therefore, an industrial garage curtain offers a cost effective solution. In addition, the curtain size is not typically as wide or as high as it would be in an industrial warehouse environment, due to the fact that most homes do not have the same ceiling height and square footage as an industrial facility. Since the size of the curtain directly impacts the overall price, this is another area that helps to keep the customer’s cost under control.

An industrial single layer curtain is a great option for those who just need separation and to contain dust and debris. These garage curtains are basic divider curtains that do not have any insulation or acoustic value. A Thermo-Block insulated curtain is the ideal solution for maintaining temperature control. Both industrial garage curtains are viable options for use in a home environment. Contact the industrial curtain specialists at AmCraft Manufacturing to discuss which curtain product will work best for your workshop needs.