Top 3 Reasons Why Customers Love Industrial Curtain Walls by AmCraft Manufacturing

Top 3 Reasons Why Customers Love Industrial Curtain Walls by AmCraft Manufacturing

As a one-stop custom industrial curtain shop, AmCraft’s customers are afforded the opportunity to select the specific curtain type that best meets their facility objectives; whether it’s a Thermal Insulated Curtain to manage temperature control, an Acoustic Curtain or Baffle System to reduce noise and absorb sound or a Single Layer Industrial Curtain to separate work zones.

However, AmCraft’s customers are not only enamored by the array of industrial curtains available, but they are also pleased with the level of customization and personal attention-to-detail that they receive throughout their ordering experience. In addition, AmCraft Manufacturing is well-known for tailoring each industrial curtain wall to meet the customer’s unique space planning needs, which is one of the many reasons their customers love them.

In exploring the customer feedback shared over the years, we were able to pinpoint the top three reasons why customers love industrial curtain walls manufactured by AmCraft:

Great Performance Results

AmCraft manufactures each curtain in their own Elk Grove Village manufacturing facility. Through in-house R&D, each product is constructed to meet the exacting standards that AmCraft Manufacturing has become known for throughout the industry. Therefore, customers are confident that their industrial curtain wall will deliver the expected performance results – whether it’s reducing noise or containing heat!

High Quality Construction and Durability

It’s not unusual for customers who may have ordered a previous curtain from one of AmCraft’s competitors to realize the huge difference in both quality and durability when they receive their first industrial curtain wall from AmCraft Manufacturing.

The Best Customer Service Experience

It’s one thing to provide the best quality and the best craftsmanship in the industrial curtain wall industry. However, AmCraft takes it to the next level by providing exceptional customer service experiences. This just might be their secret sauce and why their customers really love them!

If you have not yet had the experience of being an AmCraft Industrial Curtain Wall customer, then don’t worry because there is plenty of love to go around! Get in touch with an Industrial Curtain Specialist today.

Does Your Facility Need Flame-Rated Industrial Curtain Walls?

By: Mark Deutsch

If your facility is using industrial curtains to separate different areas or workspaces, it’s important to know whether they are flame-rated. Likewise, if you’re considering implementing a curtain wall system in your location, you’ll want to research the options available to you as well as your specific use for them, in order to determine whether you’ll need flame-rated curtains or not.

Dividing Workspace Using Curtains Vs. Permanent Walls

Curtain walls are an economical solution to creating different areas within a larger facility for different projects, and can be a flexible and durable option. They’re a less-expensive way to create different work enclosures in a building, and since they can be retracted or moved easily, they’re a more versatile option as well. One valuable feature is that they are flame-rated, much the same as interior walls are. Installation is quick and easy, and these curtains can contain loud noises, debris and dust, when fabricated for that application.

What Industries Can Benefit from Flame-rated Curtains?

It would be a disservice to list only a few industries that would benefit from fireproof curtains, as a fire can happen in virtually any location, and in the event of an emergency, flame-rating a section is better than a situation that is left completely unprotected. That being said, there are a few industries where fire may be more likely than others, and therefore flame-resistance should be seen as more of a necessity rather than an option when choosing industrial curtains. Industries like the auto industry or other businesses that perform a lot of welding or soldering—anything where sparks can fly or have flammable materials on location—should consider only using flame-rated curtains as opposed to curtains that are not flame-resistant. In the event of an emergency, this forethought can be the difference between property damage and property being destroyed.

Flame-rated curtains are especially useful when it comes to employee safety, as they can shield workers from welding arc, flash burns and sparks. If your business works with metal fabrication, durable goods manufacturing, or metal cutting and welding, consider installing flame-rated curtains to help protect your employees and improve their work environment and conditions.

What Renders These Curtains Flame-rated?

Some of the fabrics used for creating high temperature – flame resistant curtains include silicone-coated fiberglass, slag shed fiberglass, vermiculite-coated fiberglass, and fire-proof or flame-resistant vinyl.  At AmCraft, we use 18oz. fire retardant vinyl polyester, mesh and fabric coated flame-rated materials. We also offer lighter weight materials for applications that do not need as much fire resistance.

The reason that the above listed materials can be classified as flame-rated is that they do not support flame. There are different degrees of flame rating. On the lighter, less stringent end of the specter, a material will burn when an independent source of flame is applied and self-extinguish when that independent source of flame is removed.

On the other side of the flame-rating spectrum, some material will not ignite even with an independent source of flame directly applied. The authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) reviewing your situation is your best source of an accurate assessment and recommendation of the flame rating you will need for compliance.

When you’re debating using industrial curtains, be sure to consider the benefits that flame-rating options offer—keeping your employees safe is a concern, but so is protecting your property and facility in the event of an emergency. When something is as easy as choosing a curtain that’s been manufactured for safety, why not select that option?


Wash Bay Curtains



Wash bay curtains from AmCraft Manufacturing can be made to fit a range of sizes and can be designed in many configurations. These curtains are made to work with the drainage pitches built into your floor, which helps maintain a clean and safe work area for employees and other patrons. Industrial divider curtains from AmCraft meets the needs of many industries, including the automotive industry. These body shop curtains make it possible to use a large space for many different projects and to keep jobs separate.

Partition Off Your Wash Down Area

Wash bay curtains help you contain the overspray from powerwashing or other messy jobs, like painting. They can be installed to be one-, two-, three- or four-sided enclosures, and are less expensive to build than fixed walls. Contain the mess of mud, dirt, water, soap and other debris from wash-down jobs using industrial body shop partitions from AmCraft while enjoying the convenience of having no excess clean-up after you’re done working on a project.

Additional Benefits of Wash Bay Curtains

Other benefits of using industrial wash bay curtains in your workspace:

  • They can be pushed out of the way easily, allowing for improved access when not in use.
  • Wash bay curtains can be installed as retractable panels.
  • They can improve working conditions for people all around your facility – because they keep the mess of one job contained, employees that aren’t involved with that area don’t have to worry about getting messy.

Automotive wash bay curtains from AmCraft are long lasting and durable, and are easy to clean. They are also resistant to almost all wash down chemicals, so no matter what the job is, these curtains can stand up to it.

Industrial Curtains from AmCraft

AmCraft Manufacturing is proud to provide a variety of industries with the solutions they need for industrial curtains that can help divide workspaces and separate job spaces. Auto body curtain partitions for your wash bay are no exception – they are easy to install and replace, and can help to control contamination as well as temperature, odors, sound, and light. Industrial curtains may also be customized with your business’ logo or brand colors.

For more information about industrial curtain walls including body shop wash bay partitions, contact AmCraft today.

The Benefits of Industrial Curtains for Your Dock

Many industrial facilities have interior loading docks, but when the overhead door is open and a truck is in the dock, all the outside weather comes into the facility. This can increase your heating and cooling costs; let in dirt and debris that can damage your products; create unsafe conditions; and make your team miserable and less productive. Fortunately, there is a better way to stay productive and protect your dock from the outdoors.

Loading Dock Industrial Curtains

The Better Way: Industrial Curtains for Your Dock

You can use an industrial curtain wall to protect your facility when the dock door is open and the dock is in use. Industrial curtains come in a full range of sizes to meet the needs of any company. You can choose from a variety of options to get exactly the industrial curtain you need to meet your requirements. For example, industrial curtain walls are available in a variety of materials designed to stand up to various weather conditions. For instance, we usually recommend a PVC coated curtain of 18 ounces per yard or more to protect from snow, rain or other inclement weather.

Industrial curtain systems have an insulating factor rating that ranges from R-4 to R-27 depending on their thickness and other features. This enables insulated curtain wall to create a temperature differential of plus or minus 15 degrees, making them ideal for products that require refrigeration or cooling.

By keeping the cold air where it’s needed, you reduce the costs of refrigeration. The thermal barrier also keeps areas outside the refrigerated area more comfortable, improving the comfort and safety of your staff. Depending on the degree of insulation you select, industrial curtain walls can be either stationary or retractable.

Customize Your Options

Every company’s needs are different, so we offer a full range of mounting and visibility options for our curtains. You can select from several mounting options for your loading dock enclosures. They can be permanently mounted for use all year, or they can be removable so you can move them away from the dock area when you choose. It’s a simple matter to put them back in place at the change of seasons or during unexpected changes in weather conditions.

While industrial curtain wall systems can have retractable or stationary mounts, many companies choose to have a combination mounting. When one half of the curtain has a stationary mount and the other half is retractable, you have the best of both worlds for your dock enclosure system.

In areas where the dock is open to weather, you can choose to have a strip door built into loading dock enclosures to enable your team to load or unload trucks without having to move the curtain. This helps protect your inventory from the ravages of inclement weather. Protecting your inventory from outdoor weather conditions can reduce damage and spoilage, and it can save money on your HVAC spend by helping to stabilize inside temperature and humidity levels. In addition, by keeping the floor clean and dry, your team doesn’t have to worry about slips and falls on wet or slippery floors, enhancing operational safety.

If wind is an issue around your dock, an industrial curtain wall will help keep dirt and grime out while reducing noise and distractions. The curtains can be attached to the side of the dock or the floor to keep them from blowing around, helping to keep the area more comfortable, safer and cleaner than an open dock that is exposed to wind and weather conditions.

Industrial curtains for your dock can be equipped with vision panels for viewing the outside. These panels improve visibility to traffic and increase the safety of your team.

Industrial Curtains: An Ideal Solution for Every Dock

Industrial curtain walls and loading dock enclosures buffer indoor areas that are exposed or partially exposed to outside conditions. Curtains help create a barrier between environmental conditions such as wind, rain or dirt that can damage your products, hamper your business processes and even potentially endanger your staff.

Almost every company can benefit from adding an industrial curtain or loading dock enclosure. Curtains are available in many materials and with a variety of options, so you can have exactly the right curtain for your needs. We have experts on staff that can advise you on the right combination of features that meet your needs as well as your budget.

If you would like a free, no obligation quote or if you would just like to learn more about industrial curtains and loading dock enclosures–or any other AmCraft curtain wall system – Contact us today!

Commercial Restaurant Curtains vs. Decorative Curtains

Find out how Decorative vs. Industrial Restaurant Curtains bridge the divide when a decorative room divider solution is attained for a restaurant from an industrial application.

Businesses usually know where to go to purchase standard products that are used within their industry. When a new need presents itself, a business owner will look to suppliers in their industry first. However, sometimes there is a need these suppliers can’t meet. A restaurant room divider curtain falls into many industry categories that include commercial draperies, home goods, custom designers as well as restaurant equipment suppliers. In the case of Ravinia, an outdoor musical and theater venue in Highland Park, IL , their indoor restaurant was in need of a large, decorative, and retractable curtain to separate space in the banquet room. The banquet room Mirabelle, is professionally decorated and the new room divider curtain needed to look attractive and fit with the decor.

Looking Outside The Normal Distribution Channels
Jim R., the facilities manager for Ravinia was tasked to find a solution for concealing a large storage area inside the room. He determined early on that the best way to do this was with a retractable fabric curtain that would need to be structurally mounted to the ceiling beams.

He had the perfect, quality material for making the curtains, but no way to mount it to the ceiling. His calls to existing vendors did not produce a good option for hanging the curtain, and he had another problem. The decorative material of the curtain was semi-transparent when used with the existing lighting on either side of the curtain. He looked for a way to not only add a liner to the material, but also for a way to support the weight of the finished curtains. At this point he decided to perform some internet research to find other options.

Don’t Give Up, Instead, Think Creatively
When used inside a quality banquet facility such as the Mirabelle, the curtains need to meet the requirements of fashionable and modern décor. Industrial curtains are typically constructed of vinyl, as they are used for purposes required inside manufacturing plants, factories, warehouses and work shop type situations. Although using an industrial curtain was not an option, the method used to mount the large curtain wall looked promising.

A Track System Used As Great Design
Jim called AmCraft and found that he could indeed use a steel structural track to mount the curtains. But, the track is fabricated from polished steel and is industrial looking in appearance. AmCraft provided an option to powder coat the steel track to make the color better blend with the existing pipes and beams on the ceiling. This solution solved the appearance issue and provided a way to support the weight of large retractable curtains. The structural mounting system with a color change was perfect!

Custom Sewn Curtains From Supplied Material
Jim supplied the decorative curtain material to AmCraft and a nylon liner was sewn to it, making it opaque, but still lightweight. The decorative material was sewn to the nylon with double side hems, which created a more rigid curtain that allowed it to hang smoother and more evenly. It also eliminated the transparency of the decorative curtain material.

The combination of the two textile materials produced a high-quality, decorative curtain that is not only beautiful, but also durable enough for everyday use.

A Beautiful Outcome
Reaching out to vendors outside of your industry makes you realize there are many ways to get what you need. AmCraft enjoyed working with Jim to determine the best fabric, mounting option and construction method for the creation of a this decorative, yet industrial solution to his needs.

If you need ideas for restaurant curtains or help in dividing areas for any type of space, Call AmCraft Manufacturing for Custom Curtain Solutions at 877-713-4209 or visit our website

Three Benefits of Using Retractable Curtain Walls

If you’re considering installing industrial curtain walls in your workspace, you’ve likely already researched their benefits and functions and know what they can add to your space. They’re non-permanent which makes them an ideal choice for areas that may shift in functionality with time, and they allow larger spaces to be sectioned off for different departments or jobs. Past the somewhat more obvious benefits of simply having industrial curtains, the fact that they are retractable can offer its own set of benefits.


A lot of the industries that use curtain walls perform jobs that are either messy, loud, dangerous, or some combination of all three. Installing retractable curtain walls can add a level of safety that standard walls can’t offer. For example, the areas surrounding the curtain-enclosed can become contaminated with the materials used within—chemicals, oils, and other matter that may cause problems with not only cleanliness but also employees’ respiratory systems. Particles can get in the air and into people’s lungs, but even less serious complications with airborne particles, like contaminating other projects or getting equipment dirty, can be mitigated with retractable curtains. They also offer the potential for ventilation if necessary, since they can be immediately pulled back.

Privacy for Classified Projects

Some of your business’ projects may require privacy or secrecy, and if you work on them out in the open while ever having visitors to your workplace, there’s always the risk of your projects being seen, copied, or stolen. Retractable industrial curtains give you not only the safety you need within the space you’re working on your project, but also privacy. Keep those secret projects behind closed doors, so to speak. Because the curtains are retractable, however, they’re perfect for showing off a project to a group, presentation-style. This allows you the privacy you need when you want it, but also allows you to open up a workspace to present the projects you’ve been working on. Engage your employees by showing the progress your team is making.

Saving Energy

Retractable curtains can also help you save energy and save money on heating and cooling costs within your workspace. For instance, if the project you’re working on requires a warmer or cooler temperature than the rest of your building, retractable curtains can enclose the space and hold it at a different temperature, rather than paying extra to change the temperature of the entire area. Retractability means that you won’t have to always keep that space a different temperature, either—so you’ll save money both on not changing the temperature of a large space, as well as not changing the temperature of the small space – a win-win situation.

Industrial wall curtains are used in a number of different industries, but the fact that they can be retracted offers even more benefits than if the curtains weren’t retractable. The level of impermanence is ideal for many businesses, and the additional safety, privacy, and energy efficiency are all benefits when considering retractable curtains. Contact AmCraft if you have any questions or would like to learn more about industrial wall curtains.