Ceiling Mounted Industrial Track Systems

Ceiling Mounted Industrial Track Systems or suspended curtain track systems are typically used to hang heavy industrial curtains in order to create new work areas or to section off rooms within a larger space. Within many business applications a new work area is needed to perform a specific function, whether it be for climate control, contaminate control, safety work areas or work bay stations that require a separate and controlled environment.

Commercial galvanized or stainless steel curtain tracks are low profile and clean in its appearance. The track mates with various mounting and suspension systems to facilitate installation in or on office acoustic drop ceilings as well as beam and truss construction roofs in industrial spaces.

Some of the most common uses for the commercial metal curtain track system are; thermal movable barriers, retractable sound attenuation panels, to create dust and/or overspray containment work areas, to create flexible work spaces and as safety barriers for workers. The track system allows the curtains to be fully retractable and easy to clean.

Curtain track systems offer a very important and desirable aspect to creating flexible work areas to a business. This ‘flex space’ is movable to other areas as the need arises, and can be quickly modified for a specific purpose. It is easily scalable for additional uses and requirements.

AmCraft offers track systems to fit any shape and space layout. We provide curves, multi-level operation, directional switching, and track intersection which maximizes the range of movement for the curtains that ride on the track system.

Industrial Curtain Track System for Dividing Work Areas

An industrial curtain track system for dividing work areas was created for Dave Tesler who runs a point of purchase display, prototype production shop for a successful display designer and manufacturer. The shop is 3550 sq feet with 14 foot high ceilings. Dave supervises 13 people who have diverse skill sets within a large work area in a warehouse.

The company is a high pressure work environment with constant design changes and deadlines changing on a regular basis. On any given day in the shop there may be 8 to 10 different fabricating operations taking place. Common and regularly occurring activities include metal cutting, grinding and welding, wookworking, painting, upholstery and spray adhesive application. To complicate matters, the size and quantity ranges of projects are diverse. In the course of an average day there is a substantial amount of time consuming delays (which become overtime driven) caused by a lack of free space that has not already been contaminated with by-product overflow.
AmCraft solved his problem by crafting a custom made retractable Industrial Curtain System. We designed and installed a grid pattern track system that has the capability of forming two to eight individual work cells. This solution made Dave’s work environment more productive and easier to manage.

Dave’s dilemma was not a lack of free space, but rather a lack of usable space. The real problems were airborne metal chips, sparks, sawdust, chemical paint fumes and foreign particulate that contaminated other work stations, making it difficult to provide consistent operations to each isolated project requirement.

Dave’s’ situation is not uncommon, many business owners do not realize that their employees deal with similar situations. AmCraft Industrial Curtains and industrial curtain track systems are a win-win for everyone. They are cost effective, offer worker safety, and provide a flexible work space for many manufacturing options. Our curtains and track systems are easily moved to a different part of a building or from one facility to another. We help with your design and layout so your curtain system not only fits properly, but also meets all regulatory requirements for its intended use.