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Helmet Ventilator

Our COVID-19 response includes partnering with SealWerks, an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, to create the half cylinder helmets that are part of an apparatus that is placed over a patient’s head in order to provide them with much needed oxygen. The material used is stiff enough to stand up by itself and can be produced in direct response to the current ventilator shortage.

SealWerks utilizes a range of heat-sealing technology, including radio frequency welding and hot air welding, and can modify the globes to accommodate ports, plastic or metal rings and collar seals.

Liquid Containment Bag

With radio frequency sealed Liquid Containment Bags, SealWerks creates a chamber that is airtight. A tube weld can be incorporated so that the liquid can drip out of the tubing, as is the case for IV Bags. These containment bags can be hung from a frame or whatever is available, and regulators can be added to control the flow of liquid per minute.

Air Bellows

Using RF Welding, SealWerks manufactures Air Bellows of various sizes.  Air Bellows have an accordion fold and through pressuring the bellow together and releasing it, the air exits through a port. There could be a single port or a dual port.

Creating a longer bellow would require adding more rings which are welded together. The more rings added, the more air that can be released. This product requires three radio frequency welding dies, one for the inner weld, one for the outer weld and one for welding the ports.

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