Threaded Rod Mounting System

 Using the Threaded Rod Mounting System to suspend your curtains will allow you to work around obstructions below your ceiling structure and your building’s sloped roof line. 

All connectors or split supports need a mounting point above as a truss, beam, or unistrut to support from.

Threaded Rod


  • Suspend and level the track system
  • To hang track system below obstructions such as pipes, ducting, conduit, etc…
  • Heavy Duty 16 Gauge Galvanized Steel Create track configurations for your needs.
Threaded Rod Level Track on Slope
retractable straight track

Straight Track

Available Lengths: 2’, 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’ and 8’

Welded Plain

Curved Track 90° or 45°

• Welded plain connectors on each end
• Requires two Beam or Chain Split Supports on each end of the curve

Threaded Rod
Split Support
Threaded Rod Mount Split Support

Threaded Rod Split Support

  • Provides support to the track
  • Does not connect track
  • Can be placed anywhere along the track but not over a connector
Wall Flange Up Mount End Stop

Wall Mount End Stop

  • Flange Up or Down available
  • Includes 1 set screw
Connectors, Split Supports, Plain Connectors Endstops
Threaded Rod Mount End Stop

Adjustable End Stop

Threaded Rod Mount Connector

Threaded Rod Connector

  • Connects straight track sections
  • Also provides support to the track
  • Includes 2 set screws
Threaded Rod Mount Connector

Plain Connector

  • Connects straight track
  • No support
  • Includes 2 set screws