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Wall Mount Fitting with Bracket Down





Regular End Fitting






Adjustable End Fitting






Mounting hardware for Track Systems

Choose from 5 different Mounting Systems:

Chain or Beam Type Mount





Works well when attached to a support member immediately above the top of the curtain.

Threaded Rod Type Mount






Works well when the attachment points are substantially higher than the top of the curtain.

Ceiling Type Mounting




Mounts directly to ceiling or any flat horizontal surface – must be directly above the curtain.

Wall Type Mounting





Mounts directly to any vertical surface.

Beam or Truss Mounting






Attaches directly to I Beams or roof trusses. The clamps are secured with set screws and rotate for proper orientation.

Where do I start?

Step 1
Please identify the exact area you wish to enclose with industrial Curtains.

Step 2
Figure the required height of the vinyl curtains. Should there be more than one height dimension – calculate the linear feet of each dimension separately, if possible.

Step 3
Figure the total linear feet required taking into account curved sections and please add approximately 10% for gathering or desired overlap.

Step 4
Review the available mounting systems, please keep in mind there should be a support member for every five feet of track, closer together if possible for insulated Curtains.

Step 5
Identify which mounting system will work best for your physical situation. Should you encounter difficulty with any of these specifications, please call us – we will be glad to help you.