Slotted Angle Drop with Wall Mounting (flange up) System

1. Plain connectors are designed to attach two pieces of track together. Plain connectors do not have any other type of bracket on them designed to attach the track to your structure.

2. Two pieces of track should be fitted into the connector; on piece of track per side.

3. The provided set screws should be used to secure the track inside of the connector.

4. You can then attach the track to your structure in one of two ways:

a. You can bolt the track to an existing flat surface. To do this, use a bolt (not provided by AmCraft) and drill it up through the center of the track, the center of the plain connector, and into your structure.

i. If you do this, you must make sure the bolt has a small head and it positioned correctly so that it does not impede the rollers movement inside of the track.

b. AmCraft can also provide split supports with specialized brackets to attach to your structure. This would have been covered in the quotation.

5. If your track runs end at existing walls, you can use wall mount end stops.

6. If your track does not end at existing walls, adjustable end stops.

7. Once the track is mounted, the rollers should be slid into the tracking. The end stops should then be put in. Curtains can be hung from there.