Threaded Rod with Angle Bracket and Side Mount Plate Mounting System

1. The threaded rod mounting system, with angle brackets and side mount plates, is designed to attach to a sloped ceiling that runs above your proposed track. The threaded rod allows you to drop the curtain and track down below your beam and also to level slope.

2. The angle brackets should be drilled into your ceiling. The hardware to attach the brackets to your ceiling are NOT provided by AmCraft Mfg. The should be attached so that one side of the bracket is pressed up against the surface it is attached to. The other side of the bracket should be facing the direction that you intend to mount the track from.

3. The side mount plate is attached to the face of the angle bracket, via the provided bolt and square nut. The bolt should fit into the threaded hole on the face of the clamp and secure the plate to the bracket. The plate is meant to turn so that, even though the bracket may be sloped(due to the sloped ceiling) the plate is facing straight down toward the ground. This will allow your threaded rods to hang straight.

4. The threaded rod are to be attached to the plate via the threaded hole on the bottom of the plate. The plate should be able to adjust so that it is angling the rod straight down, not at an angle. Once the angle is adjusted, the bolt should be tightened to re-secure the plate.