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Wall Support Mounting System

1. The wall mounted tracking system is designed to attach to the side of a wall or beam that runs directly above your proposed track.

2. The wall mount connectors attach to said wall via a fastener (Not provided by AmCraft. This cold be a lag bolt, screw, etc.). They will connect two pieces of track via their bottom bracket, as well. Please use the provided set screws to secure track pieces into the connector.

3. The wall mount split supports, are designed to hold the ends of each track run. The split supports will support the track but will not connect two track pieces together.

4. If your track runs end at existing walls, you can substitute the split supports for wall mount end stops.

5. If your track runs do not end at existing walls, then please use the wall mount split support to support the end of your track.

6. Once the track is mounted, the rollers should be slid into the tracking.

7. Adjustable end stops should be used at track end stop rollers from falling out of the track. These should be placed in the track after the rollers are all in.