Noise Control Curtain Systems

No Fiberglass Materials Used Easy To Clean

Acoustic Enclosure

  • Hanging from the Ceiling on Unistrut or Track System
  • Free Standing Frame
  • Use 1,2, or 3 of your exisiting walls
  • Stationary and retractable acoustic curtains can be used and combined
  • Retractability:  20ft. wall retracts to about 34″.  This is approximately 15% of the total curtain width.

Noise control enclosure curtains can accommodate two basic needs for noise sources. The first basic need is to use the industrial soundproofing curtain to confine a source of sound, keeping the sound from going outside of the enclosure. For example, if a noisy industrial machine is in the center of a warehouse, it will interfere with other processes in and around that given area. Using a sound curtain enclosure will dramatically reduce the noise from the source out to the rest of the larger area, helping to boost productivity as well as help meet regulatory compliance.

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he second basic need is to use the noise curtain enclosure to keep sound from entering a given area. An example of this situation is machinery and ambient warehouse noise surrounding an area that requires careful concentration of workers / employees to assemble product (such as electronics). This enclosure will keep the outside noise from entering the designated area, providing a reduction in sound that will benefit production.
Client: Commercial Door Manufacturer
The client needed a noise control enclosure curtain to contain sound from cylindrical machinery. They also require the ability to open the area up as needed. AmCraft constructed a retractable sound attenuation enclosure used in combination with two existing walls.
Client: Street Sweeper Manufacturer
The client needed an industrial acoustic curtain enclosure to contain noise from a testing bay for quality control. The original sound output of the area was 102 dB. With AmCraft’s sound attenuation curtain enclosure, the client had successfully been able to reduce the sound output of the testing bay area to 81dB, meeting OSHA standards for employee safety.

Sound Attenuation Curtains

There is no limit to the size of a noise control enclosure. Additionally, sound attenuation curtains are constructed in a modular fashion, which allows custom configurations. Retractable sound-absorbing barriers/panels can form one or all of the walls of an enclosure, which builds accessibility of the enclosed equipment or operation.

Here at AmCraft, our technical specialists have the ability to assess your project details and provide you with a sound attenuation enclosure that will fit your noise control needs. Contact us today!