Industrial Food Grade Curtain Walls by AmCraft are constructed to meet FDA and USDA compliance, as well as the requirements for other agencies. AmCraft’s Food Grade Curtains are ideal for creating separation barriers in food processing facilities and some pharmaceutical plants.
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The construction, material and track systems for food grade curtains can be configured to comply with several different food processing authority requirements, including (but not limited to) the following agencies: USDA, NSF, CFIA-ACIA and FDA.

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  • Fire Rated ASTM E-84 Class A or NFPA-701
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Food grade compliance is necessary for most all food processing and some pharmaceutical plants.  The construction, material and track systems for food grade curtains can be configured to comply with several different food processing authority requirements, including (but not limited to) the following agencies:


  • USDA
  • NSF
  • FDA

Compliance with the USDA, FDA and CFIA

USDA, FDA and CFIA food processing curtains are important for many food processing, storage, and packing plants. Our vinyl material is specially formulated to adhere to the federal and international standards for incidental contact with meat/poultry and/or dairy products.

Benefits of Food Grade Curtain Walls

Food grade curtains that adhere to the USDA, FDA, CFIA-ACIA and NSF agencies have a non-porous vinyl material that passes the federal codes for each respective compliance agency. A few of the benefits for AmCraft’s food processing curtain walls are (but not limited to):

Minimal wash down cycle time
Protects production from contaminants
Stainless Steel Track / Grommets
Welded construction prevents bacteria growth
Non-porous, 40mil thick USDA / FDA clear material

Food Processing Curtain Materials

Our food grade products are constructed with materials and methods which specifically comply with the following sections of official regulation documents:

FSIS Docket 96-037F; 64 FR 56400 (USDA)
Specifies details on final revision on regulatory requirements which concern sanitation in official meat and poultry establishments.

FDA Food Code 2009: Chapter 6.
Specifies FDA regulation standards on physical facilities, including any indoor / outdoor floor, wall and/or ceiling surfaces.

Along with our USDA, FDA, CFIA compliant food processing vinyl curtain material, our track systems are also available in stainless steel.  The additional stainless steel components create a totally compliant curtain wall / track system.  Should you have a situation involving specific regulations not referenced herein, please contact us.  We will be glad to research your requirement.

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