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Outdoor Industrial Curtains

AmCraft manufactures a heavy duty industrial curtain for temporary use in semi outdoor applications, such as loading docks and bay doors.

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Temporary Exterior Barriers with Greater Entry-point Accessibility

Heavy duty industrial semi outdoor curtains are not intended to replace exterior walls or solid overhead doors. However, when reinforced at the fastening points and retrofitted with wind vents, our bay wash curtains are an ideal temporary multi-purpose solution.

Industrial semi outdoor curtains can enhance the accessibility of exterior entry points and reduce heating and cooling costs by minimizing forced air movement while expanding your workspace to the outdoors. They are a great choice for loading dock and bay wash curtains. We generally recommend a PVC Coated Material (18oz. per square yard) or heavier to increase the ability of the industrial outdoor curtains to withstand exposure to rain/snow/etc.

Constructed for partial protection of transitional areas within your workspace, our heavy duty semi outdoor industrial curtains can serve several functions for commercial and industrial applications when used appropriately.

Single Layer with Clear Windows


  • Buffer indoor operations at indoor/outdoor access points
  • A semi-protective barrier between your product and/or processes and the elements
  • Potential savings on heating and cooling costs by minimizing forced air movement
  • Creating a comfortable environment for personnel
  • Retractable and mobile for ease with transporting and storage if needed

Material Spec Sheets:

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The Strength of Heavy Duty Industrial Curtains

The heavy duty welded seam construction of the curtain wall enhances the durability and performance, which can help resist exposure to the weather elements while serving as a much needed barrier for your inside operations. Additional options that are available specifically for industrial semi outdoor curtains include: double-reinforced tie-down straps, heavily-reinforced top edge, stainless grommets, and more!

Industry Applications of Semi Outdoor Curtains

A few of the most common industries and application for AmCraft Curtains are:

These semi outdoor curtain panels are designed for use in indoor areas with direct exposure to the exterior, such as temporary bay door barriers. If you plan to use the industrial curtain for a completely outdoor application or as a permanent replacement for solid doors or walls, note that there are no official ratings and/or certifications on the ability to withstand natural disasters, inclement weather, extreme outdoor temperatures, strong winds, precipitations, flooding, and any other acts of God not listed. Such uses are not recommended. AmCraft will offer recommendations for proper storage and care of the product prior to such an event, but there is no guarantee that it will be able to withstand extreme conditions.

It is important to relay as much detail about the environment of the industrial curtain’s location as possible to our technical support specialist in order to gauge available options and recommendations for your semi outdoor curtain wall project.

AmCraft technical specialists are available to assist you with finding solutions for your industrial curtain needs. Contact us today!

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