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Warehouse Curtains

Industrial Curtain Clear Vision Panel

Industrial Curtains

are an ideal solution to divide space in warehouse facilities. They are an easy and cost effective solution to create separate rooms in a bigger space. Curtains do not necessarily have to be retractable. In some facilities, Stationary  curtain Walls are needed. We have a variety of hardware to hang curtains from. For our curtain dividers, durability is key. We use long lasting materials together with exquisite workmanship to ensure that you will receive a durable, aesthetically pleasing warehouse curtain.


  • Retractable or Stationary Curtains
  • Fire Rated ASTM E-84 Class A and/or NFPA-701
  • Selection of different type of materials
  • Chain weighted bottom option
  • Floor sweep option
  • Curtains are easy to clean or wash down.

A more subtle application is minimizing worker distraction. Typically, warehouse partition curtains are used to solve an issue within a larger space. 

The concept is the same as a permanent wall dividing a more expansive work area. When a curtain-like partition is put in place, we compromise durability in order to gain space flexibility and very substantial cost savings. Manufacturing or warehousing facilities use vinyl dividers to cover less than visually appealing aspects of an operation or to conceal sensitive operations or product presence.

Create An Enclosed Workspace

The design/installation of an enclosure includes numerous  curtain walls that maximize the effectiveness of an industrial warehouse partition wall.

Enclosures can also be created by using one or multiple existing walls.
Warehouse Curtain Three Wall

We also offer Ceiling covers for your enclosure, which will be custom made to your dimensions, with a valance that drapes down from the upper edge. This covers the hardware and completes the air seal.

Since dust, fumes, odors and light are the most common offenders, employing air tight edge sealing methods and materials to the perimeter of the warehouse divider curtains render extremely effective enclosure.

Our space management experts will spend the time needed understanding the specific interior construction of your space, so as to propose the best set of edge sealing options.

The most effective warehouse divider enclosures are built when we design and build to fit your space. If at all possible, we ask for
photos of the area where the curtain enclosure will go, along with a handful of measurements. Our technical sales
team is very experienced with the information gathering process, and it ready to walk you through this quick and easy process.

Making the warehouse curtain AIR-TIGHT from top to bottom

A 10” – 12” high valance attaches to the side of the track with a 1″ wide velcro strip. It blocks the airflow between the track and the top of the curtain (1/2”) and provides a visually appealing track assembly.

Warehouse Curtain Air-Tight
Filler Panel (Stationary)
Filler Panels are designed to be stationary and sit above the track and main curtain. Most ceiling situations allow mounting of the top edge to the ceiling with the support of slotted angles, clamps, and/or other hardware. Often times, these panels need to be field fit around obstructions (beams, conduits, pipes, etc.) upon installation. Our technical sales reps are well-versed regarding viable options relative to all types of obstructions. They are solution-focused.
Filter Panel Stationary
Deck Foam Filler Sections
AmCraft provides foam filler sections to further maintain a tight, airproof barrier between a corrugated roof deck and the top edge of a filler panel. When used in conjunction with AmCraft’s bar joist filler panels, these custom foam filler strips seal the concave recesses in the interior /underside of a corrugated commercial building roof/deck. The deck filler eliminates leaks at the ceiling level, creating a tight or complete seal.
Foam On Ceiling
Curtain side edge sealing

There are different ways to mount the side edge of the curtain to the wall.

Velcro Side Edge Mount
If you order a  curtain with velcro mounting to a wall or column, the side edges of your curtain will have a 2″ wide velcro (loop) piece sewn onto the front side of the curtain. This piece runs the full height of your curtain. Additionally we will send you the matching 2″ wide hook velcro with an adhesive back. The adhesive velcro sticks to most flat, clean surfaces, but on some occasions you might have to fasten the velco with some tap screws onto the wall to make sure the velcro stays on.

If the adhesive velcro does not stick to your wall surface:
We recommend using either a slotted angle or a flat batten. You can either sandwich the side edge of the curtain between the wall and the metal, or you mount first the metal to the wall and then attach the adhesive velcro to the metal.
Magnet Seal Mount
If you choose a magnetic attachment to the wall, then your curtain would have magnets sewn into the side edges. You would have to attach a metal (not aluminum) strip to the wall for the magnets to stick to. You can also create a magnet closure between two curtains; with magnets sewn into the side edges of each curtain where the two meet. This offers an easy pass-through option.
Floor Mounts and Floor Sweeps

Our curtains are designed to sit 1″ off the floor in order to prevent being scraped and torn. The retractable curtains in particular need this gap. We offer a removable floor sweep to cover this 1″ opening.
For the stationary curtains you can either use the removable floor sweep, or order the curtain 6″ longer than needed and sandwich the extra material between an angle iron and the floor (battening). Once done, the excess material can be sliced off with a utility knife.

Curtain Floor Velcro Sweep

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