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Heavily insulated temperature control curtains are typically used for “in cooler” separation such as industrial refrigerators, freezers and cold storage applications, or requirements with greater than 25°F of temperature separation. Up to 40° F temperature differential.

Heavy insulation R-15, R-21, and R-27 temperature zoning systems are moveable and reconfigurable, but are not made in a retractable type arrangement. The panels are semi-rigid, fit tightly together, and employ a flap type seam sealing system. There is no limitation with regard to the linear footage of thermal barrier created with AmCraft cold storage industrial curtains

  • Retractable or Stationary
  • 4 Insulation Levels to Choose From
  • Designed to Assist with Temperature & Humidity Control
  • Fabricated to Fit Your Workspace
  • PVC Vinyl Material
  • Durable, Easy to Clean

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  • Learn more about Heavy Insulated Curtains
Learn more about Heavy Insulated Curtains

Examples of applications where heavily insulated cold storage curtains and industrial refrigerator curtains would be used are:

  • In Cooler Separation
  • Cold Storage Applications
  • Non-frozen Food Items
  • Temperature zoning up to 40°F differential
  • Temperature Sensitive Food Processing… and more!

Why Use Insulated Industrial Freezer and Refrigeration Curtains?

The decision to use heavy insulated industrial refrigerator curtains gives you the opportunity to maximize the thermal properties of your curtain while still giving you the flexibility to divide spaces into more extreme temperature zones according to your climate control needs. AmCraft provides you with an insulated curtain wall solution that will be appropriate for greater temperature separation. Compaerd to the light/medium temperature control curtains we have available, the higher R-values in our industrial refrigerator curtains lead to a higher temperature differential that is more conducive to cold storage, specific manufacturing processes, certain types of industrial refrigeration systems, and other necessities your business requires.

R-Values of Cold Storage and Industrial Refrigerator Curtains

Our heavily insulated industrial refrigerator curtains and freezer curtains are constructed with a rigid foam type insulation. These rigid foam type insulations render more R-value per inch of thickness. They are typically used in refrigerator / freezer applications. In this construction, the R-values range from R-15 to R-27. The applicable temperature separation range is between 25° and 40°F.

Since rigid foam thermal panels are suspended from the top, they do not contain structural members which have notoriously poor R-values. When constructed in the different thicknesses, the R-value can be better than that of permanently constructed wall. When installed with the recommended top valances and bottom curb construction, these partitions achieve the same R-value as freezer wall.

There are several different mounting options available for our industrial refrigerator curtains and the rest of our heavy cold storage curtains.