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Medium-weight climate curtains or panel systems increase your effective range of temperature separation. Up to 25°F temperature differential.

With an adequate volume of properly heated or cooled air, AmCraft’s medium climate control curtains can provide you with a softwall construction that will contain an area and shelter it from ambient temperatures of approximately 25°F temperature differential.

  • Retractable or Stationary
  • 4 Insulation Levels to Choose From
  • Designed to Assist with Temperature & Humidity Control
  • Fabricated to Fit Your Workspace
  • PVC Vinyl Material
  • Durable, Easy to Clean

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  • Learn more about Medium Insulated Curtains
Learn more about Medium Insulated Curtains

Examples of applications where medium climate control curtains would be used are:

  • Pharmaceutical Product Storage
  • Storage of Floral Products
  • Beverage Distribution
  • Temperature Sensitive Products… and more!

Medium weight temperature zoning products of up to R-12 can be made in a retractable type of design, which builds in temperature zoning flexibility. Softwall construction is utilized up to R-15, at which point the construction would shift to a semi-rigid, stationary climate control curtain. A major and significant factor in the effectiveness of your curtains is also edge sealing, which would eliminate the airflow from where all sides of the climate curtain meet the building’s interior construction.

Zoning each area to fit temperature differential requirements is the primary function of AmCraft climate curtain systems. Our insulated curtains double as a room separator and climate control, which will provide you with amazing savings on heating and cooling costs as well as creating the desired environment for each given space in your facility.

Thermal Climate Curtain R-Value

Using medium weight temperature control curtain walls increase your effective R-value to between R-8 and R-15. This insulation level is commonly used for produce storage and pharmaceutical production warehousing. The medium weight insulated curtains/panels are designed for a 15-25° temperature separation. If you opt for a retractable climate control curtain system arrangement, please try to avoid overly compressing the retracted panels. Most thermal insulations utilize air space as a major element of heat transfer resistance.

Maintain an Environment with Industrial Curtain Systems

Since a given air space to material structure ratio is specific to each type of insulation, it is common knowledge that compressing any insulation so as to fit more of it into a given space will increase the overall R-value of that space, but not proportionally to the additional insulation. For example, two layers of 3” thick R-10 insulation compressed into a 5” space will NOT render an R-20 insulation value.

The three modes in which heat loss occur are as follows:

  1. Convection
  2. Conduction
  3. Radiation

It is best to know all aspects of the potential temperature barrier situation as different insulations combat heat transfer better than others in a given arrangement (i.e. interior/exterior, sun, wind, etc). To achieve a better understanding of what your project needs are, contact us today! Our technical representatives can assist you with the requirements of your area.