Vinyl Hospital Curtains

When the demand for hospital beds exceed the available supply, create a multi-purpose space using vinyl hospital curtains as temporary room dividers for a fast and cost-effective solution.
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Easy to install and made from PVC coated or laminated polyester fabric, antimicrobial hospital curtains by AmCraft Manufacturing are also great for stadiums, super domes, convention centers, sports arenas and other large venues. In the midst of a natural disaster or global health crisis, vinyl hospital curtains serve well as temporary room dividers when there is a need to create separate spaces such as a distribution center for medical supplies, hospital triage for patient overflow, temporary field shelter or a staging area for the storage of much needed life-saving resources.

Other Applications and Industry Uses:
  • Social Distance Dividers
  • Production Worker Separation
  • Factory and Assembly Line
  • Military Base
  • School Health Centers
  • and More!
Hardware Options
Our Curtain Panels can be ordered with or without Hardware
  • Retractable Curtain:
    • Galvanized or Stainless Steel Track System
    • Clean Glide (designed to meet sanitation requirements of food manufacturing/processing)


  • Stationary Panels:
    • Galvanized or Stainless Steel Unistrut or Angles
Curtain Panel Options
    • Single Layer Curtain
    • Insulated Curtain
    • Acoustic Curtain Panels
Product Specification
  • Material: PVC coated or laminated polyester fabric. (easy to wash down)
  • Material Specs: Anti-microbial, Anti-bacterial, Anti-mildew, Anti-mold and UV protection.
  • Fire Rating: ASTM E84, class A, which is used in schools and public places.

Retractable or Stationary Curtain Wall Panels

AmCraft Hospital Curtains

Single Layer Solid, Clear Vision Panel or All Clear

Hospital room dividers and curtain walls

1″ to 4.75″ thick Insulated R-4 to R-25 or more

Hospital divider curtains

Acoustic Noise Control Reduces Decibels levels and absorbs noise.

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Hospital Curtains

Quickly create a space for patients using our galvanized steel track hardware system in conjunction with our vinyl hospital curtains. The retractable medical curtains are effective temporary room dividers and can be retracted to create a more open space and closed to create smaller spaces, as well as provide much need privacy.

Easily configure the track system to suit the needs and demands of the mobile hospital unit and the comfort of the patients in a triage or a temporary shelter environment. Create rooms using vinyl hospital curtains for either a single bed arrangement or for several beds housed in the same room.

Temporary Room Dividers

Spatial flexibility is one of the key benefits of using vinyl hospital curtains. AmCraft Manufacturing constructs curtain wall solutions to meet the unique specifications of your facility. Available in Single Layer, Insulated or Acoustic Curtain Panels, each temporary curtain wall option can be integrated into the configured design to create a functional layout that meets your specific needs.

In a temporary hospital or mobile medical unit, noise reduction and patient privacy may be a concern.  AmCraft Manufacturing offers Acoustic Curtain Panels and sound absorbing Hanging Baffles that can effectively reduce high noise levels. Additionally, circumstances may arise where the temporary room dividers are configured to include a designated area for food, medication and other perishables that must be stored within a certain temperature. In these instances, Thermo-Block Insulated Curtains by AmCraft Manufacturing offers the best temperature control solution.

Need pricing for your medical curtain project? Call us at (847) 439-4565 or     Contact Us

Need pricing for your medical curtain project? Call us at (847) 439-4565 or