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Acoustic Curtains and Industrial Applications

Acoustic Curtains and Industrial Applications

Industrial workplaces are inherently noisy. Machinery is running all day long to produce goods, and workers are using forklifts to move material. High levels of noise can lead to workplace accidents, distraction, and even hearing loss for the people working in these environments. Industrial workplaces of all kinds can manage noise levels with the help of acoustic curtains

Industrial Noise

Approximately 22 million people are exposed to dangerous levels of noise in the workplace each year, and nearly half of manufacturing workers have been exposed to dangerous noise levels. There are a number of ways to reduce exposure to high noise levels. Workers can wear ear plugs; employers can invest in quieter machinery; and workplaces can strategically place barriers between workers and the sources of high noise levels. The reduction of a few decibels can go a long way toward protecting employees in industrial settings.

Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic curtains can serve as that barrier between employees and high levels of noise.  Industrial acoustic curtains designed specifically for industrial applications are made of solid PVC coated polyester, which is durable and easy to clean.

Industrial workplaces can opt for different acoustic curtain solutions depending on their needs. Acoustic curtains with Single Barrier Technology and Double Barrier Technology can be mounted on a track system and configured to fit the needs of various industrial spaces. The curtains can create an enclosure for the noisiest equipment, or they can create an enclosed, quieter space for employees to take a break.

Acoustic curtain walls with single barrier technology have an average sound transmission coefficient (STC) of 34.5 and an average noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of 0.82. The acoustic curtain walls with double barrier technology offer an even higher decibel loss with an average STC of 47.5 and an average NRC or 0.64.

Industrial workplaces can also use acoustic baffles as a standalone solution or in conjunction with acoustic curtain walls. Baffles are designed to be mounted on walls and ceilings. Acoustic baffles absorb sound and minimize echoing within a space.

Putting Acoustic Curtains to Work

 How can acoustic curtains and baffles be used in various industrial settings?

  • Construction sites. Construction sites are full of the competing noise of tools and forklifts as material is torn down and various elements of the project are built. Acoustic curtain walls can be strategically placed around the work site to manage the sound of different tools. For example, a room that is undergoing demolition can be enclosed with an acoustic industrial curtain wall until the work is finished.Acoustic curtain walls can even have doorway panels and windows to make access to the enclosed space easy for members of the crew coming and going.
  • Warehouses. Warehouses may simply be used as industrial storage facilities, but that does not mean they are safe from noise. The warehouse goods need to be moved for storage and transport, which means heavy duty equipment and big teams of people. Acoustic curtain walls can effectively divide warehouses into different sections, reducing noise. Acoustic baffles can add another layer of sound management, particularly helpful in large warehouse spaces that are likely to have echoing sound.
  • Manufacturing facilities. The manufacture of goods is a major industrial process that involves noise all day long. Acoustic baffles can be hung from walls and ceilings to reduce echoes in large manufacturing facilities. Acoustic curtain walls can be used to create quieter spaces in the facility. For example, administrative areas and break areas could benefit from the sound barrier provided by acoustic curtain walls.

Learn more about industrial acoustic noise blocking and sound absorbing solutions and request a quote to get started on improved sound management.

Controlling Workplace Noise with Acoustic Curtains

Working when you’re surrounded by noisy projects can be not only distracting, but also dangerous, especially if the noise is loud enough to muffle instructions from coworkers or warning sounds from another area. Short of completely reworking your business plan or offering low-quality earplugs to your employees, you may think there isn’t much you can do to stave off the noise. Thankfully, acoustic curtains provide an effective way to muffle the noise level within workplaces, enough to allow people to get their work done safely and comfortably. There are a variety of products that help reduce the level of noise pollution within a confined space, and depending on the issues you’re dealing with, you can choose the one that will work best for your needs.

Levels of Noise Control

There are a few different noise control options available when it comes to acoustic barrier curtains or acoustic baffles. To absorb/dampen the noise—for instance, in areas that echo or reverberate a lot—acoustic baffle systems are an effective choice. These banner-like products can be implemented as ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted panels, and work to absorb sound. They can be paired with partitions, as together they can block and absorb sound, but as standalones, they are effective to manage mid- to high-frequency noises.

Sound barrier wall panels are intended to block the noise, offering separation from one area to the next in a workspace. These panels use a combination of sound wave absorption material, noise barrier membranes, and a durable outer layer, which creates a partition to block and absorb noise. These are often used for recreational and sports venues—as they can block the sound from one game to the next—as well as warehouses and some offices. These curtains reduce the noise level considerably, making the surrounding area safer for employees and other people, such as visitors or patrons.

A very effective way to protect people from a very loud area is to build an acoustic enclosure. These enclosures seal in the sound, making the surrounding areas much quieter. They can be installed using one, two, or three of a workspace’s existing walls. The main benefit of these enclosures is that they can enclose the area either to contain the sound to that small or large area or to block the outside noise from getting in thus creating a quiet space within the interior of the enclosure.

Why You Need to Control Sound

Controlling sound levels is essential. Not only is it required by OSHA, but it’s also a good practice to provide your employees and customers with a safe environment while on your company’s premises. Exposure to high levels of noise can be damaging to hearing and can also contribute to frequent headaches. Shockingly, it can also increase stress and the likelihood of workplace accidents. Controlling noise levels keeps your workplace safer and more enjoyable.

To learn more about acoustic curtains and acoustic baffles how they can benefit your business or workspace, contact AmCraft Manufacturing today. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have regarding acoustic curtain enclosures, acoustic wall panels acoustic baffle systems or any of your other industrial curtain needs.