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The Benefits of Thermo-Block Industrial Curtains (Infographic)

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The Benefits of Industrial Curtains for Your Dock

Many industrial facilities have interior loading docks, but when the overhead door is open and a truck is in the dock, all the outside weather comes into the facility. This can increase your heating and cooling costs; let in dirt and debris that can damage your products; create unsafe conditions; and make your team miserable and less productive. Fortunately, there is a better way to stay productive and protect your dock from the outdoors.

Loading Dock Industrial Curtains

The Better Way: Industrial Curtains for Your Dock

You can use an industrial curtain wall to protect your facility when the dock door is open and the dock is in use. Industrial curtains come in a full range of sizes to meet the needs of any company. You can choose from a variety of options to get exactly the industrial curtain you need to meet your requirements. For example, industrial curtain walls are available in a variety of materials designed to stand up to various weather conditions. For instance, we usually recommend a PVC coated curtain of 18 ounces per yard or more to protect from snow, rain or other inclement weather.

Industrial curtain systems have an insulating factor rating that ranges from R-4 to R-27 depending on their thickness and other features. This enables insulated curtain wall to create a temperature differential of plus or minus 15 degrees, making them ideal for products that require refrigeration or cooling.

By keeping the cold air where it’s needed, you reduce the costs of refrigeration. The thermal barrier also keeps areas outside the refrigerated area more comfortable, improving the comfort and safety of your staff. Depending on the degree of insulation you select, industrial curtain walls can be either stationary or retractable.

Customize Your Options

Every company’s needs are different, so we offer a full range of mounting and visibility options for our curtains. You can select from several mounting options for your loading dock enclosures. They can be permanently mounted for use all year, or they can be removable so you can move them away from the dock area when you choose. It’s a simple matter to put them back in place at the change of seasons or during unexpected changes in weather conditions.

While industrial curtain wall systems can have retractable or stationary mounts, many companies choose to have a combination mounting. When one half of the curtain has a stationary mount and the other half is retractable, you have the best of both worlds for your dock enclosure system.

In areas where the dock is open to weather, you can choose to have a strip door built into loading dock enclosures to enable your team to load or unload trucks without having to move the curtain. This helps protect your inventory from the ravages of inclement weather. Protecting your inventory from outdoor weather conditions can reduce damage and spoilage, and it can save money on your HVAC spend by helping to stabilize inside temperature and humidity levels. In addition, by keeping the floor clean and dry, your team doesn’t have to worry about slips and falls on wet or slippery floors, enhancing operational safety.

If wind is an issue around your dock, an industrial curtain wall will help keep dirt and grime out while reducing noise and distractions. The curtains can be attached to the side of the dock or the floor to keep them from blowing around, helping to keep the area more comfortable, safer and cleaner than an open dock that is exposed to wind and weather conditions.

Industrial curtains for your dock can be equipped with vision panels for viewing the outside. These panels improve visibility to traffic and increase the safety of your team.

Industrial Curtains: An Ideal Solution for Every Dock

Industrial curtain walls and loading dock enclosures buffer indoor areas that are exposed or partially exposed to outside conditions. Curtains help create a barrier between environmental conditions such as wind, rain or dirt that can damage your products, hamper your business processes and even potentially endanger your staff.

Almost every company can benefit from adding an industrial curtain or loading dock enclosure. Curtains are available in many materials and with a variety of options, so you can have exactly the right curtain for your needs. We have experts on staff that can advise you on the right combination of features that meet your needs as well as your budget.

If you would like a free, no obligation quote or if you would just like to learn more about industrial curtains and loading dock enclosures–or any other AmCraft curtain wall system – Contact us today!

Prepare for Summer with Industrial Insulated Curtains

Prepare for Summer with Industrial Insulated Curtains

When you think of summer, you want to envision sunny skies and soaking up the warm air. Although we enjoy all that summer brings, it can be a difficult time for businesses and their inventories. There are many useful applications for industrial insulated curtains in the workplace in all seasons, but with summer approaching, you may want to consider how insulated curtain walls can be used to benefit your business. Using Insulated Industrial Curtains in the workplace is a great way to control energy costs by isolating areas in large spaces into separate temperature zones. Insulated curtain enclosures and insulated wall barriers are a temporary, or permanent solution for controlling temperature zones and air flow in your facility.
Choose the amount of insulation you need

Industrial Insulated Curtains are most often used in cold storage applications. Whether you’ll need to isolate a small or large area, an insulated curtain is easy to configure to any space. AmCraft provides different R-Value insulation levels for the amount of insulation required to control humidity and temperature to your specific need. R-Values are used as a measurement to determine the temperature differences that can be maintained on each side of the insulated curtain. Many times these temperature differentials can be substantial, especially when containing food or pharmaceuticals.

Insulation Panels Chart

This Measurement Chart will help you to determine the amount of insulation needed for your application:

Control temperature zones in and around air conditioning units
Controlling and containing air conditioned areas is not only an economic necessity, but it also affects how you use your space. Warm summers cause air conditioners to kick in, sometimes randomly or continuously, causing extreme temperature fluctuations and blowing air. Insulated curtains are a great way to control both air flow & room temperatures in a facility as retractable walls or an enclosure.

Insulated Curtain Enclosure

Insulated Curtains as wall barriers in the workplace
Warm weather also brings more open doors, whether to get some fresh air, or when dock doors are left open longer than usual. Many cooled, frozen, and refrigerated areas can benefit from insulated curtain barriers over other options as the cold air can be contained to specific areas, and at separate temperatures to protect inventories from spoiling or becoming damaged. With the proper input of air conditioned air, insulated industrial curtain walls retain the temperature and humidity levels required to store, protect and even produce temperature-sensitive products in manufacturing facilities.

Light Insulation Open Side

Insulated Industrial Curtains can be retractable

AmCraft insulated curtains provide retractability, allowing for easy access into an enclosure or into work areas. Depending on the amount of insulation you use and the way the insulated curtain is attached to structural ceilings, our mounting options provide a number of solutions for each application. Whether you need to create an enclosure for total temperature control, create a barrier wall to isolate an area, or create access into climate sensitive manufacturing & distribution facilities, a retractable insulated curtain is not only a great solution and easy to install, but the cost savings is significant when compared to building structural walls or rooms to solve an air flow or room temperature problem.

Folded Insulated Curtain

Find out more about how you can use Insulated Industrial Curtains in your facility. We’ll help you to determine the best R-Value, mounting option and layout configuration to create a custom solution for your business. Create Your Curtain Online Now!